Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ebb and Flow.........

I am floundering a bit. This happens every time I finish a project. I spend weeks being focused, deliberate and productive and then as soon as I am finished, it all goes out the window.

Completing the 25 pieces for the 20/20 show felt great. I learned a lot about working with these materials and I love that I now have a fairly large body of new work. 

This is how the pieces were arranged in the gallery.
I won 3rd place!

When I am in the middle of a project, everything else becomes something "I will do when I am finished with this..........." Now I have a long list of those "when I am finished....." items to deal with and so many of them are unrelated, so focus seems impossible right now.

For example, when I sit down to work on an image, I find myself jumping around from file to file, not really having a vision for what I am trying to create.

I know this is normal, but it's uncomfortable. I want to be back "in the zone", "cruising along", "going with the flow"...... but instead I feel like a manual transmission car being driven by someone who has never heard of a clutch. 

Cleaning and organizing my studio usually helps put me back on track, but because I just moved, it's really not that messy.

I have a few lunch dates planned with friends that were on the "when I am finished with this...." list, so that feels good, but I think I need to just ride this out. It's all part of the creative cycle, a necessary part...........right?


  1. Yes and no. I think there are ways to jumpstart your creativity and sometimes I write about those. I guess it's different for each individual. After finishing my last, big project I attended some open studio events and was inspired beyond belief. It was like drinking from a fire hose. I wish you'd have that's a really good time, even if it sounds sort of scary.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I have been doing a little "armchair" studio visiting and it is helping! Thank goodness for the internet!

  2. Dianne, I've really enjoyed your last 2 posts. You're able to put your finger on some of the hot button issues that we as artists face. Floundering seems to be one of those almost unavoidable seasons in the cycle of creation--and the best thing I know is to do something--as you did by putting your thoughts into words. I'm guessing by this time, you're well into the next phase:-)

    1. Thank you Hannah! Wish I could say I am "into the next phase...." but I am still swirling around right outside of it. Soon though........I can feel it!