Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I am finished! The pieces for the 20/20 show are done. Click here if you missed my earlier post about the show: "A New Project"

When I set up these 25 pieces to photograph, it was the first time I viewed all of them together......... and I think I am happy with the results. There is no rhyme or reason for the order of the images, I simply placed them all on the floor to take this picture.  Not a great shot, but it gives you an idea..................

As I neared the end of this project, anxiety started to creep in. Did they all fit the "theme"? Did too many of them look alike? Did I have too many "spring" images and not enough "autumn"? You get the idea.

As luck would have it, I happened upon a blog post written by photographer/writer David duChemin titled "Personal Projects" where he highlighted many of the reasons I found this particular project so satisfying. 

The first was "choose something". I find that having so much that visually inspires me can be very overwhelming. I loved having a "theme" which limited what I was photographing.

"Constraints" were also discussed. Knowing these pieces were all going to be square and had to stick to the theme, helped me focus in a way I found very enjoyable.

The third point he made was "be open". This was in context to seeing where following one constraint and using it as a "strong starting point", could lead you into another, possibly more satisfying direction. The short time frame I had to complete this project limited this from really happening for me, but it did give me a few ideas and a fondness for working this way, so stay tuned....

Creating a tangible item or as he put it "ship it", was the fourth point in his discussion. I think this is very important. If I wasn't creating actual pieces for a show and instead just had digital files living on my hard drive, I am not sure I would have even completed the twenty five images.

The best part of this, is I have a new "body of work", and experience working with new materials and methods. I will share more about the actual creation of these pieces in another post.

I am looking forward to seeing what these look like actually hanging on a gallery wall. I will share photos for those of you who can't see the show in person. 

Remember - the 20/20 show opens May 8th at Kennedy Gallery 1931 L Street in Sacramento.


  1. They look so lovely all put together like this, good luck with the showing.