Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I woke up yesterday with my plan for the morning firmly etched in my mind. I had things to do and the time carved out to do them. Then I looked out the window...........thick fog had settled in and it was beautiful!

Most of you know that we are in the middle of an historic drought here in California, so the significant rain we received this weekend was welcomed and celebrated! Lack of rain has also meant lack of photographically inspiring fog.

I would like to say that as soon as I saw the fog, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door, but that wasn't the case. The voices in my head quickly started arguing. "I should keep to my original plan". "No, this is an opportunity you should not pass up!" "It's cold and wet outside". "But who knows when the fog will be back?"

Back and forth it went until I finally decided to listen to the wise voice.....the one that was telling me I would probably regret it if I didn't go. I was really glad I listened because there was no fog this morning!

A few months ago I started visiting William Pond Park to photograph at the river, and each time I was there I thought, "this place probably looks amazing in the fog". So that is where I went and I was right.......

I played around with a few of the images and decided to make these all a warm tone. It fits the mood I think.

©2014 Dianne Poinski

©2014 Dianne Poinski

©2014 Dianne Poinski

©2014 Dianne Poinski

I have been discovering more and more that when I listen to the voice of inspiration I am usually guided to let a little more spontaneity into my life, which in turn is usually very creatively rewarding. You would think I wouldn't even bother arguing with myself, but I still do..................

Just for fun, I also made a (very short) video of the ducks in the fog. Be sure to turn your speakers on because it was the noise in the quiet of the fog that I found amusing. If you don't see the video, click on the link below.

Just me and the ducks..... from Dianne Poinski on Vimeo.

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