Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I am back from my visit to Southern California, feeling rested and ready to enjoy this final month of the year.

We spent Thanksgiving with my brother and his family who live fairly close to where I spent most of my 20's. When I lived there, my brother was still living in Northern California, so I find it strange to be visiting him in my old stomping grounds.

One of my favorite places in that area is Descanso Gardens. It was also a place I went to frequently when I lived there. As a matter of fact, I went hiking in that very place a couple of days before I went into labor with my daughter. (We were a week past her due date and thought it might help speed things along.)

So...... I thought it was fitting that my "pic of the week" be from the walk we took the day before Thanksgiving at Descanso. There was still some fall color left, and I can't get seem to get enough of those oak forests.............

Project 52 - Week 48

©2013 Dianne Poinski


  1. So beautiful Dianne. We drove through the south to Texas for Thanksgiving, those big oaks were everywhere, so stately and graceful at the same time. Have a wonderful December.

    1. Thank you Beth! Yes - I love oak trees!