Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shadows and Acceptance.............

If you are "friends" with me on Facebook or a follower on Instagram, you may have already seen my "pic of the week". I decided to share it here as well because I learned a valuable lesson while making this image.

Project 52 - Week 46

©2013 Dianne Poinski

I was taking a late afternoon walk through the park the other day when I noticed the wonderful light hitting this tree and illuminating the root system. The quality of light in the fall, is in my mind, the best of all the seasons.........

Anyway, as I approached the tree I was a little bit irritated to see my shadow. I kept moving....... trying to get the shot without me in it. Eventually I realized that I not only had to accept what was, but also embrace it. So I made it my new Facebook profile picture...........

Notes - all iPhone. Used Snapseed to vignette and darken the distracting background.


  1. Accepting where we are at this very moment....a very important lesson. Thanks once again for your insights and sharing of your self discoveries.