Friday, November 22, 2013


Back in March I wrote a post about one of my images being licensed to appear on a greeting card that would be sold in a fairly well known store. I have since had more images licensed for cards for them and others. If you want to read that post, click here: March 28th.

My first licensing contract was signed in 1999 and it was a great opportunity.......... that in many ways I let slip away from me. I shared a little about that in another post last year: Roses and Birthday Cakes  Even back then, I was fearing I would make the same mistake, and it almost happened!

The licensing business is tricky in many ways. For one thing the work is very speculative and it may take months and even years to see results materialize from time spent on a project. (A large percentage of the time, nothing will happen.............)

©2013 Dianne Poinski

During my first round of licensing opportunities, I was firmly committed to working the art festival circuit. It's hard not to be attracted to the possibility of coming home with some cash in your pocket. Instant gratification........... 

I am no longer on the circuit, but as many of you know, I recently made the decision to take a year off of doing workshops. I have also decided to limit the time I spend on other parts of my business in order to free up time to work on images for my agent. (I am lucky she didn't drop me after a few months of practically no new work from me!)

©2013 Dianne Poinski

I think you have to have a lot of faith to work this way, but I am going to give it a shot. The main thing I want to share however, is that I am having quite a bit of fun right now!

My agent  challenged me to have 100 greeting card designs for her to show in the next couple of months. These are not just images, but the entire card, complete with words! I am about the third of the way there............. (I have inside designs and words as well, but decided to sprinkle just the front images of some of what I have been working on  throughout this post.)

©2013 Dianne Poinski

Like most people, I do better when I am not scattered. When I have a deadline and a project to work on, I am extremely productive. Take that away, and I flounder like a fish out of water.

So with this new level of commitment to licensing, I am feeling energized and focused and I love waking up knowing what is going to get my attention that dayAnd like I said earlier, I am having fun with this..................

In honor of my favorite holiday, I would like give you all a little "Thanksgiving" gift. If you are on my email list, you already received this, but if not, click here to download a printable pdf greeting card of this image: Gratitude

©2013 Dianne Poinski

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations!!!
    How exciting for you!!!
    Thanks for the beautiful download.
    diane @ aug's blog

  2. Wishing you all the best in this renewed adventure!