Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project 52 - Tulips

I was struck last week with an overwhelming desire to photograph some flowers. Of course I had photographed quite a few luscious blooms in the wild (or someone's yard) when I was in Washington, but this was a yearning for some cut flowers that I could manipulate any way I wanted to.

I gave in, and went to my favorite flower shop - Trader Joe's. The lilies looked good, but I was surprised to see a few tulips available as well.

I brought them home and proceeded to spend a couple of hours cutting, arranging and shooting. I was lost in meditation, which is what I needed I guess.

I have become a little obsessed lately with Hipstamatic. At this time, it is only available for iPhone, but I believe an Android version is in the works.

With this camera app you choose what kind of "film" and lens you want to use. It's fun to play with different combinations.

The one I used on this image was the Americana lens with the "BlacKeys B + W" film. One of the reasons I like this "film" so much is while it says it's "black and white", there is actually a little color left in the image. (Sort of mimics what my hand colored prints look like......)

 After cropping it, I used the "Vintage Scene" app to add a little "mood". 

Project 52 - Week 32

.©2013 Dianne Poinski

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  1. Cool photos, and I love how this is your meditation. So true. Your iphone is really taking center stage in your photography over the past year. We just signed up for smart phones for the entire family, however, I haven't gotten mine yet. I really like the Samsung Galaxy 111 that Mike and Chris got and the boys tell me don't get an iphone as the battery life is so short. However, I know you, Deb and many others in CA last summer were all loving their iphone. Which phone do you have Dianne? And, are you using several apps to get the control you had shown me, such as zooming it to areas in view?? Once again I am asking for you advice!! When you get a chance....thank you. :) Rosalee