Friday, August 9, 2013

Laziness or Freedom?

Once again I went on a trip, brought my Nikon and a tripod and barely used either...............

When I did grab the DSLR, it was usually because I wanted to get closer to my subject........... like with this rabbit (at my daughter's request).

Dianne Poinski "wildlife photographer"

Of course this was also a trip that was much more about family and adventure, than it was about photography, so I don't feel that bad. However, I am finding that even when I am on my home turf, I am becoming less inclined to pull out the "real" camera.

I wrote a lot last year about how shooting with my iPhone had brought new excitement and passion back into my photography, but am I paying a price for that?

Part of the reason I am thinking about this, is next month my husband and I are traveling to Ireland for a couple of weeks and of course I want to photograph while I am there. While in Washington my "travel" tripod (AKA "the cheap one") fell apart and I left it there. I do have another more "professional" tripod, but the idea of carting that thing around does not appeal to me. Of course you don't always need a tripod to shoot, but low light and a desire to make large prints makes a tripod a very good idea. 

I have a Nikon D300, which is a great camera, but is a few years old now. The technology has come a long way since it first came out. Many people I know have bought those new "mirrorless" cameras and rave about them. I guess they are light and small, but able to produce high quality images. I am thinking of looking into renting one for this trip (if that's possible), but I don't know.

This still brings me back to the question of whether or not the decreased usage of my Nikon indicates laziness or is it a situational issue? Most of my outings lately have been with family................

I could be over thinking, but as I write this I sense buds of clarity forming. Stay tuned!

Anyway, another example of using my Nikon because I wanted to get a little closer (and control my depth of field), is this simple image from atop the bluffs of Ebey's Landing.

.©2013 Dianne Poinski

For fun, here is collage of photos my daughter put together of me photographing...........(the top one is of the rabbit).

Enjoy the weekend everyone and don't worry about what camera you are using to take pictures with! Right? Just have fun!


  1. Hi Dianne: Last year I had the same dilemma. I was planning a trip to Paris & London & didn't want to drag along my Nikon D300s, it just seems to get heavier & heavier. I researched smaller "travel" cameras, ended up with a Sony NEX-7 and am in love with it. I've barely used my big (heavy) camera since then. The quality of the NEX-7 is incredible. It fits easily in my small backpack (with a wrap around it). I'm loving the 18-50 lens that came with it. In Paris I took a shot of the Eiffel Tower, converted it to B&W and wondered how large I could print it. Using my local Costco as a test, I printed a gorgeous B&W print 20x30 & now have it hanging up in my living room. Sharp as a tack! I've shot at night on the San Diego waterfront, handheld at 16000 ISO, processed with PS & Topaz (deNoise) & very happy with the shot. I now carry this NEX-7 with me almost all the time (along with my iPhone). And I'm having fun!

    1. Thanks Judy! I will check that camera out as well!

  2. Hmmm....very interesting dilemma. I tried the latest Rebel 4 camera and loved it's capabilities compared to my older Rebel 1 version, but ultimately I returned realizing it still wasn't cutting it in low light and thinking I needed to go up to the next level of cameras. This sure makes me wonder what you are saying here, but I do love the feel of the bigger camera and the ability to capture shots in low light and moving objects. Let me know what you discovered! Yet another post from yours truly, RJP!

    1. Thank you for all your wonderful comments Rosalee!! I will be sure to keep you posted if I decided to try out one of these lighter smaller "mirror less" cameras.