Friday, August 16, 2013

Here We Go Again...................

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change
 anything" ― George Bernard Shaw

This is beginning to feel like an annual occurrence, but here I am, once again, writing a post about changes in my studio situation.

This time however, I am not going anywhere, it's the circumstances in my studio that are changing. In simple terms, my studio mate Donald Satterlee, moved out and I have the space to myself once again. 

While we parted on good terms, and are still friends, it was clear early on that we each had a different vision for the space. 

Donald is a commercial photographer and has a studio in town. When we started sharing the R Street space, his intention was to use it strictly as a gallery......... not a studio. In addition, his commercial work picked up over the last year, which left him less time to focus on the fine art side of his business.

In looking back over the many changes I have made in the last two years, I realized that fear drove me to make some of the decisions I did. That's ok because I learned a lot about myself in the process. (Lesson #1 - I am happier not sharing studio space).

When I made the first move back in 2011, it was because the building was being sold and there were some ADA issues. If I had only waited a few months instead of jumping ship, I would have seen things improve dramatically once the new owners took over. 

Which is why, in June of 2012, when my old studio became available again, I moved back........ only this time I would be sharing the space.

I do have moments of quiet panic when I think about covering the entire rent on my own. I did it once before, but it was a different time (aka the time before the "Great Recession" and extremely affordable digital cameras and smartphones.)

When I do begin to "freak out" a bit, I remind myself that this is my work space and it's a pretty good deal if I look at it that way. I shared in a post a couple of months ago about my desire to actually "use" the studio more. To help me out with this intention, I just brought a used iMac into the space, since a laptop is not the ideal machine for photo editing.

In that post I also described my desire to be around more people and feel less isolated. If I didn't do this, I could possibly have to spend the money on therapy.......right? (I have been called the "Queen of Rationalization" more than once....)

So it feels like I have gone full circle...........back to my very own space. 

Change is usually good and I take my ability to make decisions and then adapt if needed, as a positive trait. (This is instead of calling myself "flaky").

I will end with this other wonderfully positive quote about change:

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” 
― Lao Tzu


  1. Congrats! That's so exciting!
    Hope you have an open house so we can come see it. :)

    1. Thanks Beverly! Open Studios is the weekend of September 14-15. Stop by if you are in the area!

  2. congratulations! change is good and rationalization is a talent :)
    wishing you the best!

    1. Thank you so much Marie. I always appreciate your support and encouragement!