Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Apple a Day................

Even with all the "geek" work I have been doing lately, I still managed to make my "image of the week".

We have an apple tree in our backyard that blossoms beautifully every spring, but due to many factors including squirrels and other "pests", most of the apples that do appear, rarely make it past August. 

Last week while taking a little break in my backyard, I noticed an apple on the ground with a bit of stem and leaf still attached.  I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything I had going on and I longed for space and simplicity. This is how I got it:

Project 52 - Week 28

©2013 Dianne Poinski

This image was made using window light and my iPhone. I believe the only app I used was Snapseed, adding a little "Vintage" filter and a "Blur" vignette. 

While I had a great time being all "techy" and putting together my new site, I am looking forward to making images again. 

Speaking of my new site............(and you knew I would), you can now sign up for access to the private "Hand Coloring Photographs" tutorials and receive a  $15 discount by using the code - "paw2" when you are checking out.

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  1. Very excited just signed up!!! My goal this summer has been to learn more about iphone photography and processes to enhance them.


    1. Thank you Karen!! Stay tuned, I am working on more iPhone tutorials and should be posting those in the coming weeks. Thanks again!