Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love Letters Only.........................

Greetings from the beautiful city of Seattle!

I am writing this from my old PC laptop which is acting up, so I am just going to share a few images from my weekend on Whidbey Island (which will include my "Project 52" image).

Here are a couple of photos that pretty much sums up what the weekend was about in so many ways:

Morning sun and coffee.................
(My daughter did some work with the non-profit Whidbey Institute, and was offered
use of an amazing house on this beautiful island!)
This is me "celebrating" at Ebey's Landing

Like I mentioned above, I also want to share my "image of the week".
This was one of those "Turn around! We have to go back!" shots. (I know.........two weeks in a row of mailboxes!)
 Project 52 - Week 30
.©2013 Dianne Poinski
You can see more images from my trip on my Facebook Page.
Looking forward to being back on my Mac.............................

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Divide & Conquer..............

Silly title............but it all started with a photo transfer I wanted to make.

I had an 8" x  24" canvas and a panoramic image I wanted to transfer on to it, but the largest copy paper available is 11" x 17".  So I divided the image into 3 equal parts:

©2013 Dianne Poinski

 I posted this on my Facebook page, but in case you did not see it, this is what the transfer looked like:

Not perfect, but then again, it's not suppose to be........

When I am working on images for licensing, it's very important to work in a series. Sometimes I have an image I really like, but I may not have "mates" for it. Dividing an image, automatically turns it into a series. 

It doesn't work with every image however. The different sections while going together, also have to look good as separate photos.

Here are two I played with: (To see a larger version, click on the image)

©2013 Dianne Poinski

©2013 Dianne Poinski

I almost feel like I could get carried away with this, but I have to pack................

I am leaving Friday morning for a week in Washington. I will be posting on my Facebook page, and may even do a blog post or two. 

Let me know if you play around with dividing your own images. It's fun and almost a little addicting.........

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

No Mail Today..........

I have had the "Hipstamatic" app on my iPhone for a long time now, and with the exception of a couple of practice shots, have not really used it much.

This week's "Project 52" image happens to be one of the first "Hipsta*" images I have happy been with (*not sure if that's correct slang, but I like the sound of it).

With this app, you can choose different combinations of lenses, films, even camera bodies. I have barely touched the surface of what this app can do, but I am sure I will be playing more with it in the future. I know people that have spent hours experimenting with different combinations and the results are striking!

For this image, I used the "John S" lens and the "D Type Plate" film. I also added a little texture from the "Mextures" app as well.

Project 52 - Week 29

©2013 Dianne Poinski

I also want to remind everyone that the $15 discount code - paw2 - for  access to the "Hand Coloring Photos" tutorials, expires on July 25th. Click here for more info: Photo Artistry Workshop

Friday, July 19, 2013

Staying Present...............

Photography has taught me to be aware of my surroundings and given me a deep appreciation for the simple beauty in my everyday world.

While I cherish photographic experiences that place me in that "zen zone", there is one downside to this almost addictive to need to create........ I am not always present in my relationships.

Last week I mentioned that I was taking a few days "off". This break included one day in San Francisco to visit my son, then a weekend trip down to Southern California with my husband, both areas rich with image potential.

I brought my Nikon to San Francisco, but never took it out of the bag. I barely even took photos with my iPhone because I was simply having so much fun hanging out with my son!

This is one of the only photos I made that day. My son (who is a photographer) is in the middle of a "Polaroid Portrait" project and during my first visit to his new studio, asked if I would sit so he could take my picture.

So of course I took his picture while sitting there...............

The next day my husband and I boarded a plane for our weekend away. At some point that morning, I made the decision to focus more on enjoying a few days off with him instead of messing around with my phone (I didn't even bother bringing my DSLR).

The number of new images on my camera roll is very small compared to most weekends away and I feel good about that. My intention to stay present with my husband also meant that I did not even process these until we were at the airport waiting for our delayed flight to board.

©2013 Dianne Poinski

©2013 Dianne Poinski

©2013 Dianne Poinski

It is so easy to become disconnected and distracted these days. I feel like I know more about my "friends" on Facebook than the ones in my neighborhood. I had already made the decision to take a "social media" break last weekend, but did not realize that other actions had to be taken as well if I was going to practice being present with those closest to me.

I hope this lesson sticks with me for awhile..............

©2013 Dianne Poinski

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Apple a Day................

Even with all the "geek" work I have been doing lately, I still managed to make my "image of the week".

We have an apple tree in our backyard that blossoms beautifully every spring, but due to many factors including squirrels and other "pests", most of the apples that do appear, rarely make it past August. 

Last week while taking a little break in my backyard, I noticed an apple on the ground with a bit of stem and leaf still attached.  I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything I had going on and I longed for space and simplicity. This is how I got it:

Project 52 - Week 28

©2013 Dianne Poinski

This image was made using window light and my iPhone. I believe the only app I used was Snapseed, adding a little "Vintage" filter and a "Blur" vignette. 

While I had a great time being all "techy" and putting together my new site, I am looking forward to making images again. 

Speaking of my new site............(and you knew I would), you can now sign up for access to the private "Hand Coloring Photographs" tutorials and receive a  $15 discount by using the code - "paw2" when you are checking out.

Click here for more information:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project 52 & An Announcement

I was at my computer A LOT last week, which you will hear more about later................

While I took far fewer photographs because of it, I did stick to my intention to walk regularly and was delighted to come across these "alley sunflowers" on one of those walks.

A little point of reference for my "Pic of the Week" 

So here it is: Project 52 - Week 27

©2013 Dianne Poinski
iPhone - photoshop

So, what have I been working on?

Some of you may already be aware of this (or tired of it because I have been talking about it for awhile), but my brand new "Photo Artistry Workshop" site is now up and running. And the reason for all the hours at my computer?  I pretty much did the whole thing myself! (Wordpress has themes which makes it easier to build a site, but it was the, name servers and the membership part of it that challenged me!)

On this site are a few free tutorials (some of which you may recognize as modified blog posts from here), with plans to add more in the coming weeks.

The main feature of this site will be the private tutorials I will be offering. A couple of years ago I did launch a private Blogger site also called "Photo Artistry Workshop", but it was clunky and not at all automated. This site was primarily a place for my "Online Hand Coloring Workshop" and served it's purpose at the time. (If you were a member of the old site and did not receive an email from me on Tuesday, please let me know.) The plan all along was to build a new site, fully automated and easier to navigate. And this week I finished it!

In addition to the private "hand coloring tutorials", I will eventually have "iPhone" lessons as well, but....... one thing at a time.

I receive at least one email a week asking about an online hand coloring course and now I have a place to send them...................but registration won't open up until next week.

What I am asking people to do now, is be sure they are on the email list that will be notified when it is officially launched. Everyone on this list will receive a discount off the regular price. I am also running a Facebook contest where one person will receive access for free. This will begin tomorrow (Thursday).

So here are a few links:

Home page:  (Note: if you are on the site and something seems wonky, let me know please!)

To go straight to info about the private tutorials, click here: Hand Coloring Workshop (There is a link on this page where you can sign up for the email list if you are not already on it)

Free Tutorials: Free

For the Facebook Contest: Facebook Page

I am sure you will be hearing more about this, but for now, head over there if you are interested.

This will be my only post this week. I am taking a little "tech sabbatical" beginning Friday. Except for important emails (and Instagram), I am pretty much going offline until Monday or even Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Escaping the Heat...............

Records were set this week, but I am happy to announce that Sacramento's "fever" broke today! Relief is here!

Earlier in the week, I revisited some images that were made during cooler weather and I think it helped!

Because of the holiday, and work I am doing on another project, I am sharing a few fog photographs in this quick post. These are all Nikon/Photoshop images made at the American River.

If it is still hot where you are, just imagine you are here and it's January...................

©2013 Dianne Poinski

©2013 Dianne Poinski

©2013 Dianne Poinski

And the new cover image on my Facebook Page..............

©2013 Dianne Poinski

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Raindrops on Roses.................

This time last week it was cool and rainy. Very unusual for the end of June around here.

Now it's hot! Very hot........they are calling for 111 degrees on Wednesday!

The rainy weather last week allowed me to do something I don't get to enjoy very often. With soft, overcast skies and fresh rain drops on the petals, I went out to the rose garden at our local park and photographed with my Nikon. 

I was disappointed to find many of the blooms past their peak, but found a few worth working on. One of these became my "image of the week".

So here it is:

Project 52 - Week 26

©2013 Dianne Poinski