Friday, June 21, 2013


I know, like everyone else, how good walking is for your health and well being. Last year when I was doing my Project 365, daily walks became part of my routine because I found so many of my "pictures of the day" while roaming my neighborhood.
It seems like this year I have been too busy to make walking a priority, and as a result, have far fewer images on the camera roll of my iPhone (and may have even gained a few pounds......)
This all changed a couple of weeks ago.
My husband in an effort to incorporate more exercise into his daily routine bought himself a "Fitbit"Some call this a glorified pedometer and maybe it is, but when he got his, I saw a change and a determination to meet his daily goal of 10,000 steps. (It also tracks sleep, but I have no idea how that works.......)
I had to join in on the fun and received mine a couple of weeks ago. I love a challenge and once I set mine up, I most certainly found myself getting back into the habit of a daily walk.
And you know what happened next................I started feeling inspired and noticing beauty all around me again, which of course had to be photographed.
Since I have been spending more time at my studio, walking around Capitol Park has become one of my favorite routes. 
During my walk on Tuesday I noticed people looking up into the sky. What they were looking at was a "Solar Halo". While many people were trying take photos of it, I do believe I was one of the only ones almost laying down on the ground to get the shot I wanted..............(and I am grateful no one took a photo of that!)
©2013 Dianne Poinski
Capitol Park also has wonderful magnolia trees, many of them with blooms low enough to photograph.

©2013 Dianne Poinski
And every park needs a beautiful rose garden...................

©2013 Dianne Poinski

These next few images were made on a walk I did closer to home:

I love it when I find flowers blooming against dark fences or walls..................

©2013 Dianne Poinski
Another "against the wall" shot.........................

©2013 Dianne Poinski
And, as is common practice on my photo walks, a "looking up" shot.

©2013 Dianne Poinski
I wish it hadn't taken an geeky device to get me back into walking everyday, but I am not going to beat myself up for that. All I know is that I am doing it and it feels great! Looking for "photo ops" is just a little icing on the cake.
Have a great weekend and get out there and enjoy your neighborhood!


  1. i need to get one of those fitbits! i took picture rides when i did my 365 project and i still do, probably 5 days a week. but a walk would be healthier, for sure. love the shots you got and the exercise is a bonus :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Marie! Yes - there is something about walking that slows you down and gives you an opportunity to really "see" and with a fitbit, it feels like you are playing a game! Keep me posted!