Friday, June 14, 2013

Studio Time......

I am writing this from my studio..........................This should not sound that unusual, but for the last five months I have been working 90% of the time from home. This is not how it use to be...........

I wrote last week about how I was missing the time I spent hand coloring. This also translates into missing time hanging out in my studio, interacting with other people and in general feeling less like a hermit and more like a part of the rest of the world.

As much as as I enjoy my home and am not very social by nature, it's not easy working alone and feeling isolated so much of the time.

I started noticing an upswing in my mood the week before a workshop. The time I spent setting up and preparing for the class at the studio felt good. Then on the day of the workshop, my space was filled with laughter and authentic conversation among the students while they expressed their creativity and made new friends.

I explained before how the work I was doing in the weeks leading up to Surtex was all digital, and since my main computer with the calibrated monitor, the 8 GB of RAM and the terabyte hard drive lives in my home office, that is where I have been.

But that is about to change........................

First of all, I bought a very cool glass desk at the Goodwill for $25 and moved my laptop and extra monitor into the studio. This space use to be declared a "tech free" zone, but if I am going to spend any length of time here, it is pretty much a requirement that I have access to a computer. While this set up is not really ideal for working on images, other work (like this blog post) can be done.

My studio has two very large windows which fills the space with amazing light, but (and you probably know where this is going......) the heat that builds up in the summer can almost be unbearable. 

Once I made the decision to spend more time in the studio, I knew I would have to get shades or something to block the light. Those went up last week and have already made such a difference!

I also knew if I wanted to get back to doing more hands on work, the studio was the place to be, not home. Besides hand coloring, I have other projects I am excited to get started on, all of which will result in original art and require a place I can mess up and leave that way if I want.  (And I have already begun! More about what I am doing here later.............if it works!).

Because I am still required to create digital files for so much of the work I am doing these days, the next step is to get a second computer in the studio that can handle large files and allow me to spend even more time away from my house.

I am not ready to declare regular hours and will probably never get to that point, (I have tried before.......I just don't roll that way) but the odds of finding me working in the studio will greatly increase with this new approach. (And you can always contact me if you want to come in....)

I will keep you posted on how this experiment plays out...........and if you are local and happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by. I always welcome visitors!

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