Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project 52 - Week 25

Project 52 - Week 25

©2013 Dianne Poinski

Almost every morning, I walk to get my quad Americano (do not judge me......) and pass this house with a lovely flower garden in the front. These daisies seem to say "Good Morning" and last week I took quite a few iPhone photos of them.

There is something special about this house.................. A few years ago, the property surrounding it was purchased in order to make room for a new school that was being built. They bought up all the other houses on the block, but this woman refused to sell hers. She had been there for many many years and did not want to leave. So they built around it............(I may not have all the details exactly correct. The bottom line is, hers is the only original house left on the block.)

There is a fragrance that emanates from this garden that stops me almost every time I walk by. The sweet subtle scent reminds me of my grandmother's house and memories flood in. I feel comforted, and begin breathing and walking a little slower. 

As much as I am sure it was a logistical nightmare to build around, I am happy that this woman still has her home, and hope she and her family enjoy it for many more years.................

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