Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project 52 Continues............

Week 11

I had an extremely tough time deciding on an image this week. I have been photographing flowers inside and outside the studio, walking around orchards, shooting with my iPhone and my Nikon and having a blast the whole time!

In the end however, I chose this image from a special day with my good friend and extremely talented artist Merle Axelrad (her work is amazing!).

On Thursday we had scheduled time for an outing somewhere where could do a little hiking and some photography. Merle uses her photographs as starting points for her fabric collages and wanted to get some shots of trees and hills.

That morning there was an article in the Sacramento Bee about Crockett Hills Regional Park, which is located about an hour west of us. Since neither of us had been there before, we decided to make the drive. 

Once we got there, we had a choice of trails and we may have taken the wrong one, but we were not disappointed. Our original vision had been for wide vistas, but instead, we found ourselves under a shaded canopy of trees. It was on the trail in this "forest" that I made my "shot of the week". 

Nikon image processed in Photoshop..........

©2013 Dianne Poinski
Looking at this image right now, makes me want to go back and be there! At least it's not that far...........

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