Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Poppies..............Week 10

Project 52 - Week 10

Many of you have seen my floral set up shots and know that I primarily take my flower photos inside with window light. That was not the case with this week's image.

A few weeks ago I bought the last remaining pots of poppies at the local nursery.  The normal work flow involves bringing the plants inside to get a few images with the the foliage and buds. Pretty soon though, I am picking them apart and placing them in arrangements that I always think work better than what nature is giving me.

After photographing, I take what's left in the pots, place them outside and water them.

This last batch keeps on giving, which has been fun. The other day, I was out back enjoying a cup of tea and looked over and saw how the afternoon sun was lighting one of the plants. I quickly took a few shots with my phone, then grabbed my Nikon and a board from inside, and raced to catch what I was seeing before it went away.

This final image was processed in Photoshop. I used the "Glamour Glow", "Film Efex: Vintage"  "Film Grain" and "Image Border" filters in Nik Color Efex

©2013 Dianne Poinski

While I do plan many of my "photo shoots", I love it when I take the time for "spontaneous captures" like this one!

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