Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shifting, Evolving, Changing.........

I have spent the last few days cleaning out and organizing images on my computer. As of today, I have deleted over 4000 files, and I am not finished! It's a huge job and there are voices in my head telling me I have other things I need to do and that I have no time for this sort of nonsense. But it feels great and I won't stop until I finish.

While I have deleted thousands of images, I "rediscovered" many that I can't wait to go back and work on.

Looking at all these new possibilities has left me with an overwhelming urge to completely redo my website and show only current work.  My style has slowly been evolving over the last year or two and I feel I am on the verge of a bigger shift and I don't know what to do.

The other day someone came into my studio and purchased a photograph I took in 1999. It's been one of my most popular images, but it doesn't look anything like what I am doing now. Besides the obvious differences in that it was shot with film, printed in the darkroom and hand colored with oils, I find myself wondering if I would even take this photograph today.

I look at my website and see many early images that should be put out to pasture. This happens to every artist at some point, and I think it should, but how do you deal with discontinuing work that at times may have paid the rent?

I encountered another problem when I began sharing a smaller studio last year. My display space was significantly reduced, which means I have a huge inventory of small prints simply sitting in drawers, most of it older work.

I am pretty sure this clearing and cleaning is needed to make room for what's coming next. What that is, I am not sure, but I feel energized and eager to experiment and create.

Things could get uncomfortable though. I have addressed this subject on my blog before, and in the past, fear usually won and I retreated. That is why I have I still have those tried and true, but old images on my site and in my studio.

One small thing I am going to do is try to move some of those prints out of the drawers and into new homes. I just posted these on my website for $20 each with free shipping (in the US). They are archival prints on 8.5 x 11 acid free art paper. (Mat is not included.) You can click here for more info: $20 Prints

Ok - that's enough shameless self promotion. Stay tuned to see what I will be up to next. I know I am curious..............


  1. You go girl! I find if I have my older pieces around it slows down progress. I did a purge last year and gifted lots of my small pieces to friends, no inventory to fall back on! Have a wonderful year filled with lots of beautiful new work.