Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project 52..........Week 1

I have been going over all my images from my "Project 365" and will have a recap to share soon. In the meantime, a little bit about the first week of my"Project 52"..................

I have to admit it was a little strange to not "have to" to take a photograph every day this week. It wasn't until Sunday however, that I actually went an entire day without a shot.

I do feel I lost a little "mojo" though, and felt a bit creatively "off" all week. I had go back to January 1st to find an image to share for "Week 1". Nothing else I took the rest of the week appealed to me. (Things have already corrected themselves. I don't think I will have trouble coming up with an image for week 2........)

So here is the first image of my "Project 52". It's an iPhone shot processed both in the phone and in Photoshop.

©2013 Dianne Poinski - Near Half Moon Bay

I would love to hear about other "projects" you may be doing. I have talked to quite a few people that are trying to incorporate art into their lives on a daily basis and I find that very exciting!

Share your projects by commenting on this post and a leaving a link to your blog or wherever else you are posting.



  1. This photo is gorgeous, Dianne!!! I will miss your daily shots but look forward to seeing what you do with this new project.

    I'm currently participating in a "30 Paintings in 30 Days" and am nearly 1/3 of the way through it already....I wasn't sure I'd like the challenge but it's forcing me to "loosen up" a bit and enjoy the process more.

    Good luck with Project 52!

    1. Thank you JJ! I am glad you are having fun with the "30 Paintings......." challenge. I love the ones you have posted so far.

      To see JJ's blog click on the link in my sidebar or here: http://comingabstractions.blogspot.com

  2. your images are always so inspiring, i love the ethereal quality you create! i can't wait to follow your project 52...
    i did a 365 project two years ago and was lost after it ended too. i understand the emptiness, but i can say that it led to better habits and forced creativity in a way that i am so grateful for. i tried another one, too soon, and lost it more than once in the process, ultimately giving up. now i am attempting a project 52 also - this is self portraits EEK but one i think i need. who am i, at 58? i want to know so here goes...
    (not sure i am doing the link up correctly, if not, i apologize)
    again, your work is an inspiration and i love seeing through your eyes, thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Marie for your comment! Your image for week one is beautiful and I am so happy you are going to try a Project 52 this year. Maybe we can cheer each other on!