Thursday, January 10, 2013


So I had big plans to present a visually interesting recap of my Project 365, but it's not going to The big news is I am OK with that!

The bigger news is I made that decision all on my own! I didn't wait for computer meltdowns, broken bones or lost deliveries to bring me to my knees in surrender. Nope - I just had a moment of extreme clarity.

The decision to postpone this presentation helped my word for 2013 reveal itself. That word is "Patience".

The hours leading up to this revelation were filled with activity. Rushed activity involving software I had never used before but was certain I could master in a couple of days. This is not new behavior and in the past, the result was never pretty and usually cost me time and money.

I would like very much to change this way of being in the world and will focus on taking the steps necessary to slow down, be present and not rush things just so I can mark items off of my to-do list.

I will keep you posted.

So while this is not the recap I had envisioned, I still want to share a few things I learned doing this project.

I have spent the last couple of days going over all the images from the year and it's been very interesting. It's also been a little disheartening. I discovered that copies of many of the images from the first six months of the year are only available as low resolution files. Once I transitioned over to my iMac, all of my iPhone photos also made their way onto to my desktop, assuring that I had the original file on my computer. In some cases, the only file I have of early iPhone images are the ones I saved in the "Project 365" app on my phone, all of them low res.

It could have been worse. The truth is, most of the images I made the first 6 months of the year were not my best. I was still learning and when you compare my early images to more recent ones, its very obvious.

Here is my "Pic of the Day" for January 1, 2012:

Not a bad composition, but the light was too low for a decent iPhone photo. I also believe I broke one of the first basic rules of using your phone to photograph. (Pay attention if you are new to iPhonography.....)

  • Do not use the "zoom" feature on the camera. The quality of the photograph is definitely compromised when you do this. It would take a couple of months before this rule stuck.

I had many more "a ha!" moments during this journey through a year's worth of images than I did "oh sh*t" moments. Many of these have resulted in practices I hope to keep, even though I am not officially doing a "Project 365". Here is a short list of a few of them:
  • I would like to continue to take back roads and skip the freeway whenever possible. This practice not only helped me get some of my favorite images of the year, but also helped to slow me down, stay present and (see above...) practice PATIENCE.
  • I want to make a conscious effort to say YES! as often as possible. During this past year I found myself being a little more adventurous and spontaneous when I was presented with opportunities where my iPhone was also welcome.
  • I would also to continue to keep my eyes open in order to appreciate the photographic possibilities (and beauty) in my own backyard. It's not always necessary or even desirable to go on adventures in order to get awesome photographs.
More will be revealed I am sure. There is still a lot of reviewing and organizing of images left to do. It has been fun to be reminded of places I went and neighborhood walks I took during the year. I also have fond memories and visual proof of outings with friends and family, which makes me so very grateful I committed to this project.

Before I close, I thought I would share an image from December since I did not really do a proper recap of that month. (I also just wanted an excuse to tell you about the Olloclip I got for Christmas. In this image I used the macro lens.......)

©2012 Dianne Poinski

In an attempt to practice patience and keep my promise to do things a little different, I just made an appointment at the Apple store for a little "One on One" training in the software I was "playing" with this week, so eventually I will be able to finish what I began. Stay tuned..................

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