Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Getting Noisy Out There.............

I may not be the be the best business person, especially this time of year. I have an aversion to all this "Black Friday", "Small Business Saturday" and "Cyber Monday" stuff.

I have accepted that the world's economy, (as well as mine), depends on the buying habits of the general population. However, I was very disappointed that many stores chose to start their sales on Thanksgiving.

I spent part of Monday adding a smaller size to the print offerings on my website (possible "gift" size), as well as an option to receive a discount if you purchased 4 or more calendars. After doing this, I could not bring myself to post anything about it. It already seemed very "noisy" out there.

So what did I do this holiday weekend, besides enjoy a delicious turkey dinner with family?

On Friday, instead of shopping, we drove to the foothills to visit with my cousin and her family. After taking a walk we had a chili dinner then gathered around a bon fire for a ukulele jam. (Yep, I know a few ukulele chords......)

I did a little shopping at a local bookstore with my daughter on Sunday................................

Then took a walk along the American River Parkway....................

It was a thoroughly delightful weekend with a very healthy dose of down time.

I usually wipe away any benefits of time off by getting overwhelmed and then writing a very lengthy to-do list. I have quite a bit of work to do, but for some reason I am feeling quite calm about it. I feel my goal right now is to become clear about who I want to be during this season of excess.

I hope I am not sounding too preachy, and I in no way want to offend or come off as judging the way others spend their time. I guess I am trying to gain some clarity for myself and set an intention to go through the next 30 days with a little bit of grace, some compassion and patience. It really can be a beautiful time of year and I plan to enjoy it!  I will keep you posted on how that is going.............

PS I am going to do this quietly.......but if you are interested in seeing what I have on my website, click here: diannepoinski.com


  1. Amen Dianne! I did the same sort of thing: family, walks, then proceeded to unsubscribe from the noise in my email. Have a wonderful and fruitful holiday season.