Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last day of July and we are heading into what many call the "dog days of summer" (at least here in the northern hemisphere).

As a child growing up in San Jose, California, making the drive "over the hill" to the beach town of Santa Cruz happened often during the summer. I have fond memories of lying on the beach with the August "Back to School" issues of Seventeen magazine, happy that I was still on vacation but also looking forward to getting back to a routine and the change in the weather. 

This summer I am having those same feelings about August. "Those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer" (thank you Nat King Cole) will be over before we know it and I plan to enjoy them, but I am also looking forward to September. I think it's a spill over from my school days, but the fall in many ways feels more like the beginning of a new year than the first day of January.  

In Europe, many people go "on holiday" in August and shops and other businesses close down for much of the month. I think they got it right and I have decided to carry that spirit into August by participating in Susannah Conway's "August Break". Her purpose for beginning this was...”to simply sink into the joys of the month while taking a wee break from the obligations of blogging”. While I don’t really see blogging as an “obligation”, the idea of a little less structure this month is very appealing. I also believe that by doing this, I will welcome September with new energy and inspiration.

There are no rules for the “August Break”, but basically the idea is to post a photo on your blog everyday with little or no writing attached to it. For those of you who get this blog in your in-box, you can relax a little. I am opting for the Monday - Friday version of the challenge and not the “seven days a week” one.

I have no plan for this and will simply post what speaks to me on any given day. I will probably dig into my archive of images and share older work along with (of course) some of my iPhone “photo of the day” images. 

I know kayaking this summer has played a major role in my slowing down so I think it's only appropriate that I end this post with a photo I took the other day while paddling at the Cosumnes River Preserve.

I think this is where a picture is worth a thousand words................................just breathe.

©2012 Dianne Poinski


  1. I loved those back to school Seventeen issues also. They were always the big thick magazines. Buying new school supplies always made me feel optimistic, fresh blank paper, like going to an art supply store:) Enjoy your August break.

  2. Thanks Beth! Lot's of ads in those magazines but that was part of the fun! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  3. You are brilliant. And it's been a long while since I've come to your blog, but am always so grateful I have after the fact. Your work is stunning.

    Hope you are enjoying your August sweet Dianne.