Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artistic Obessions...............

It’s halfway through the year and I am still on track to complete my "Project 365"!  And, since this is the beginning of the month, I will be sprinkling a few of the highlights from June throughout this post. (These were all taken and processed with my iPhone.)

At first I wasn’t sure I was going to do this today. I feel like I have been sharing too much about my love affair with iphonography. I have already posted many of my “June” photos and was afraid my blog might be getting a little stale. However, a couple of things happened last week that helped me decide to go ahead and post these images anyway.

©2012 Dianne Poinski - "Pear"

First, my computer took ill and was in the shop for four days! Not a catastrophe, especially since I do have a laptop, but having spent the previous week filling up my Nikon’s memory card, it was definitely an inconvenience. I have a few images I really want to hand color and the plan last week was to make the black and white prints and get into the studio. So much for plans............

Processing images on my iPhone, helped ease the frustration and disappointment I felt while waiting for my computer to come home, and for this I am very grateful.

©2012 Dianne Poinski - "Wish this was my front yard...."

The other thing that happened last week was I received an email from a photographer and friend (even though we have never met in person, I consider Rob a friend) sharing about a recent workshop he took with Dewitt Jones. Apparently Dewitt is a huge fan of iphoneography and Rob wrote to tell me about an e-book Dewitt had available. (Thank you Rob!!)

I fell in love with the title as soon as I saw it – “iPhoneArt in My Life”.  The book contains a beautiful collection of images, but it’s his words that I want to share.

He mentions in the introduction that “the iPhone has morphed in my life from a plaything to an artistic obsession. It has changed my photographic vision and, in a most delightful way, my consciousness as well.”  I couldn’t have said it better! This coming from Dewitt Jones! (If you are not familiar with this very talented and successful photographer, I highly recommend you check out his website: DewittJones.com.)

©2012 Dianne Poinski - "Target"

Dewitt even talks about his iPhone becoming like his “gratitude journal”. He says “Having it with me all the time, I find I take photos of everyday beauty. Not Yosemite at sunset or Bryce Canyon at dawn; but clothes pins on the line or a gecko on my coffee table. It allows me to take photos of the Art In My Life. With each one of these images, my gratitude grows.”  This has become so important to him that he created a separate website - celebratewhatsright.com, where he posts a photograph “to brighten the day” and “remind us of all that we have to be grateful for.” I love this guy!
Dewitt was also kind enough to share in the book a list of his favorite iPhone “apps”.  While waiting for my computer to return, I made quite a few visits to the “app store” and to say I am having fun is an understatement.

While I don’t need permission or validation, discovering that this highly respected professional photographer shares my enthusiasm for “iPhone art”, made it a little easier to begin this month the same way I have begun the last six – sharing my progress with my “photo a day” project.

©2012 Dianne Poinski - "Shadows on Bamboo"

This blog is about sharing my passion for photography – period. I do not have to place limits on myself or apologize to anyone. I simply love creating images and how I do it is not that important. That I do it - is what matters.
As far as my computer goes………………….those of you who have grown tired of my tales of PC hell, will be happy to know that a trip to the Apple Store will be happening in the next week or two!!


  1. HOOORAAAAY for iPhoneography!
    No excuses are e.v.e.r. needed for the making of creative photos...no matter what the process. And after all, it is YOUR blog ;>]]

    APP ON!!, says moi.

    oh, and may I also applaud your upcoming computer store visit. A very fine decision. But I am not at all biased. nah.

  2. Thank you!! And yes - Hoooraaay for iPhoneography!

  3. "This blog is about sharing my passion for photography – period. I do not have to place limits on myself or apologize to anyone. I simply love creating images and how I do it is not that important. That I do it - is what matters."

    Bingo! Amen! Word! Right on! :D I love your images. Period.

    ps. You will not regret going Apple.

  4. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    A month ago I found myself at the New York Botanical Gardens, a place I had so wanted to photograph! And my "good" camera, my DSLR, stopped after 45 minutes!
    A year ago I would have been devastated by lost opportunity. Last month, I pulled out my iPhone and proceeded. Perhaps in a different vein, but I love those photos just as much.