Thursday, June 21, 2012

Uncharted Waters..................

Yesterday was the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. As a child growing up in the 60's and being told to come home "when the street lights come on", this was a day to be celebrated!

I have often wanted to capture that feeling of endless possibilities that the beginning of summer brings, but as I get older I find it more difficult.

At the height of my participation in art festivals, summer evenings were usually spent working (if it was during the week) or crashing (if it was the weekend of a show). At the time I just accepted it, but deep inside I knew it was not the life I wanted. Even though it's been a few years since my last summer show, I find the habit of "doing" hard to break.

I may have just found the perfect weapon to break me of this habit......................a kayak!

I shared in a post last fall about an anniversary trip my husband and I took where we rented kayaks and paddled around the area where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. Ever since that trip, I have longed to replicate the almost perfect harmony and peace I felt while on the water that day. We had been talking about buying kayaks for awhile, but that trip increased and intensified that desire, and last weekend we made it happen!

I find both the winter and summer solstice events to be special, and I like honoring the rhythm of the seasons. So last night instead of working on one of the many projects I have going on, I suggested to my husband that we get the kayaks on the rack, buy some sandwiches, make the 30 minute drive to Folsom and celebrate the lingering daylight on the water. It was quiet and magical, and just what I needed.

Of course I had my iPhone (in a special dry box I bought) and took a fair amount of photographs in between paddling. It's hard to capture what I was feeling, but I am excited about the photographic possibilities being on the water will present.

However, I don't think using my iPhone is the way to go. The idea of having a phone with me in such a place just feels wrong, even if I am only using it for the camera. I am going to begin some research and have already put out the question to a few kayaker/photographers that I know. Should I buy a casing for my DSLR? Should I invest in a waterproof point and shoot camera? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

What follows are some of the shots I made last night (tweaked a little in Photoshop).



It is always so much fun when you shake things up a bit and last night felt special. I think it's going to be a great summer and I hope you don't get tired of seeing the front of my green kayak pop up in a few photographs!

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