Thursday, June 14, 2012

Still Discovering...........

Last month I wrote about how my "Shutter Diet" led to quite a few discoveries about myself  and the art I want to make. I talked about my desire for simplicity and how limitations are sometimes necessary for the creative process. In keeping with my desire to free up space in my head (and my computer), I also declared that I would soon be closing my LinkedIn, Flickr and Pinterest accounts - which I did. (I will share later about how scary this was to do......)

The very next day I made the decision to move my studio which meant the following four weeks of my life were anything but simple. However, in the process of moving I did let go of a lot of "stuff" and that feels great.

So now I am back and ready to embrace again, through my actions and my photography, my quest for conscious and deliberate living.

Right before all of this happened, I began a series of images that was directly related to this quest. I found myself looking for the simplest of compositions and soothing colors.

I have tried meditation, yoga and other practices designed to slow me down and encourage mindfulness, but nothing does it for me like photography. The calm I experienced while searching out these images helped when it came time to title each one.

I even called this my "Zen Series". (All images ©2012 Dianne Poinski)





As I try to settle back down to some sort of routine, I want to remember what it felt like to make these images.

My initial reaction to having the move behind me was to "get things done". Many items on my "to-do" list were put on the back burner and now I find myself in the position of questioning those items and rating their importance. It feels like something has shifted and I don't want to rush anything right now.

Maybe it's summer that is calling to me. I don't know and I don't have to know. I just have to honor my rhythm, have no regrets and be clear and honest about how I want to do things. I believe that is harder than it sounds, but I am up for the challenge. I will keep you posted!


  1. These are just gorgeous Dianne, wow!!

  2. What a lovely, peaceful series.

  3. These are great examples of simplicity, Dianne. I see the effects of your shutter diet, and of lightening up for moving.

    This is inspiring to me and seems a skill worth honing for all of us as we seem to be increasingly tempted to take on more and more these days.

  4. Beautiful series of photos. I understand where your soul is with all of these extraneous things introduced into our lives. So many through the computer, group after group we "should" join. I salute your listening to your own drummer, hopefully I can get there too. Happy summer and thank you for giving us a peak into your challenges, you are a strong woman.

  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the comments and support!

  6. i love "honoring my rhythm." i strive to do that every day!