Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Apple Blossoms & Ferns...............

As much as I enjoy venturing out and traveling to take photographs, there is something very satisfying about going out my back door and setting up a few shots. Sometimes I drop what I am doing, grab my camera and next thing I know, an hour has gone by.

This theme of shooting close to home has been ever present for me this year. When I challenged myself last month to only one "shutter click" a day, I increased the limitation by requiring that this one shot be taken in my backyard. (To read more about this, click here: A New Challenge )

While many "photo ops" present themselves in my yard, I usually prefer to photograph flowers and still life images in the tightly controlled confines of my studio where there is  no wind, the light is soft and I control the background.

We have an apple tree in our backyard and for the last few years when blossoms started to appear I would clip off branches (not in the proper "pruning fashion" I am sure...) and rush to my studio and photograph under the "controlled conditions" that I love so much. And every year I would be disappointed with the results...............

I am sure some of this had to do with the fact that apple blossoms lose some of their "oomph" when taken off the life support of the tree, but in general I could never come up with a composition that made me say "aaahhhh that's it!"

When the blossoms started to appear this year, I took my camera out back to see if maybe that was the right approach. (Something I probably should have done a couple of years ago, but "oh well"....)

Cropping close eliminated the busy background and the petals seemed a lot happier in their natural surroundings. (Another benefit to this approach is that I can show these to my husband.......I kept quiet about the "pruning" of the apple tree but feel no guilt about these images.)

 ©2012 Dianne Poinski

 ©2012 Dianne Poinski

Just the other day I went out back to photograph some of our ferns and after a few disappointing attempts, ran back into the house and grabbed a piece of scrap mat board my framer had given me.

 ©2012 Dianne Poinski

Problem solved:

 ©2012 Dianne Poinski

It's always been my dream to have a garden with all my favorite flowers planted right outside my door. The truth is, I am not really into working in my yard and I don't know the first thing about gardening.  Instead, I will just continue to work with what I have. If nothing else, shooting this way exercises my eye and helps me when I am out on a photographic adventure somewhere outside my zip code.


  1. Too bad you live so far away, otherwise I would invite you to my backyard. I love gardening, and I just can't have enough flowers all around me. Sowe women buy shoes.... I buy plants. I love to photograph my flowers but I sure can't compete with you when it comes to fantastic photos.

    The apple blossoms are beautiful.


  2. Thank you Therese! I wish I didn't live so far away too! Imagine how fun that would be to hang out in your yard with our cameras!Love that idea!

  3. It's always a great pleasure for me to read your posts; you're so talented and have so great ideas and your art is so amazing!

    Greetings from Germany,

  4. Wow! Thank you so much! I really appreciate everyone's comments!