Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Month...........

Time for another recap of my "Project 365". I shared quite a few from this month when I was in the middle of my "Only 1" challenge, but after that I continued taking at least one photo every day during May.

This month was actually a little easier and different because I took trip to Southern California with my daughter who was visiting from Seattle. While there we enjoyed time with my brother and his family and then when we got back to Sacramento we met my grandnephew Eli for the first time. So, for a change of pace I have images of people. (Only a couple, but still......I like to joke that I don't take pictures of anything that has a mother. Obviously that was not the case this month!)

As I prepare for my move back to my old studio, there will be many opportunities to record the progress and look at familiar territory with new eyes. (I already began that, but you will have to wait until I share the images from June......or you can follow me on Instagram - dpoinskiphoto)

So here you go:

Project 365 - Highlights from May*
Descanso Gardens


Huntington Gardens - Pasadena


Sensitivity Tree (Cool name for a tree - don't you think?)

On the side of a Rite Aid store..................

Off to organize what is going to the new space and what's staying home. Have a great weekend!

*All images taken and processed with my iPhone..................

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