Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I Discovered........................

Yesterday was the last day of my "shutter diet" (thank you Katherine Kean for that term.....), and I believe I gained much more from this experience than I ever thought I would.

During the past week I discovered that:
  • Limitations can also mean freedom. Knowing I only had one chance and a small area in which to capture an image was actually very liberating. Too many options lead to overwhelm.
  • I value simplicity when it comes to the images I like to make and like to view. I knew this, but did not feel it as strongly as I do now. I not only value simplicity when it comes to art, but I need it when it comes to my life and my business. This became so clear to me this week that I have begun "unsubscribing" to many of the emails I receive on a daily basis. I also plan to get rid of my Flickr account and may possibly opt out of LinkedIn and Pinterest. (I am not participating in these platforms anyway and I just get emails I don't have time to look at.)
  • Another interesting and valuable insight occurred as a result of this experiment. Like many artists, my confidence level fluctuates on an hourly basis and much of the time I question my basic skills as a photographer. Seeing that I could explore a pretty boring area (my backyard) and come up with a couple of images I was really happy with, left me feeling very satisfied. (And I am not afraid to say that - this is also new for me!)
I don't know how long these warm and fuzzy feelings will last, but I am grateful for them right now.

I also wanted to let you know that I am taking a two week break from my blog. I am very busy right now getting my presentation materials ready to ship to New York for Surtex. Right after that package goes out, my daughter is coming home for a week and we are flying down to Southern California to visit family for a few days.

I also have a couple of decisions I need to make and the space and time will be good for me.

Before I go - here are the rest of the images from my "challenge". Remember I do post on Instagram daily and would love to "follow" you if you are on there as well.

2012 Dianne Poinski - glass table on the patio

2012 Dianne Poinski - my version of "container gardening......"

2012 Dianne Poinski - ran into many webs while in my backyard........

Note about these images - another choice I made was to not manipulate the enviroment in any way. Everything I photographed is seen exactly as I first saw it. In other words, nothing was "harmed" (or moved) during the making of these photographs.


  1. Very beautiful and very worth pondering in the grand scheme of things! Thanks

  2. The things you learned from your shutter diet inspire me. Thanks for your saying what's going on with you which is hard to do publicly in front of the whole world. I love love love the images you captured. When you get famous, remember that I knew you when you were ordinary. Have a beautiful day.

  3. Hey Dianne--I love this--it feels like a continuation of our conversation on simplicity--these are the same kind of thoughts that I'm weaving into the "Still Point" Workshop. Best of luck with the Surtex show and have a wonderful time in S.CA with your daughter.

  4. Thank you everyone! Hannah - I was inspired by our conversation and I can't wait to see what you come up with for your workshop.

  5. HI Dianne - I've enjoyed reading about your challenge and have felt a similar urge to simplify. As a rule, I shoot less and less. I "nearly shoot" much more.
    And good luck with your studio move again - a lot of upheaval , but worth it when you feel a move is called for. And good luck with showing at Surtex - how exciting . That is a show I'd love to visit sometime, never mind show at !
    Best wishes,

  6. You're more than welcome Dianne, for the term. I am very inspired by your continual exploration and refinement of technique, and in this case pre-editing and simplifying. Wonderful insights - it's as if the more you take away the more there is!

  7. Thank you so much Rhiannon and Katherine! Just dropped off my package to ship to New York and tomorrow I fly to So Cal. What a week! Thanks again everyone!