Thursday, April 12, 2012


A couple of months ago I talked about my fear and intense dislike of having my picture taken. I  also shared that for awhile now, my "go to" photos have either been of a younger version of myself or of me with a camera in front of my face. (See the sidebar of this blog....)

Well that is about to change........ Last week I finally agreed to have my photograph taken and I am happy to say, I liked quite a few of them. This is just one:

©2012 TMK Inspired Photography
The fact that I am willing to share these photos is great, but what this post is about is who took them and why it was a special day. Facing my fear of having my picture taken was nothing compared to what my friend Tamara has experienced.

I was lucky enough to meet Tamara almost three years ago and have watched her go from being a young lady who was shy and quiet, to someone brave enough to stand up in front of an audience and share the story of her personal struggle with domestic abuse. She has confided in me that this still terrifies her, but the point is, she keeps accepting the invitations. A talk she recently gave at Sacramento City College was featured in the school paper. Click here to read it:  "Standing Tall".

Love this photo of Tamara!
Tamara's list of accomplishments in the last few years is quite long. These include (and this is an incomplete list):

National Head Start Association “Beating the Odds Award”

Ron Orozco Education Scholarship

Outstanding Women's Awards

Soroptimist “Women’s Opportunity” Award (Rio Consumes Chapter

Soroptimist “Women’s Opportunity” Award Sierra Nevada Region 

Published Standing Tall "Triumphs of Domestic Survivors"

Published "My Journey" Photo Bio

Photos published in Sacramento City College Express 

Photo published in New York times, Sac bee, and SCC Express website "I love my librarian Award"

Tamara has also created three multi media videos:

  Shihaun's Promise;  Baraah Isha , Creative Woman  Shamar is somebody

And if this isn't enough, Tamara has blossomed into a gifted portrait photographer. I immediately felt comfortable during our shoot and even started to have a little fun.

To see more of Tamara's work visit her Facebook Page. TMK Inspired Photography

I am so grateful I met Tamara. Her strength, determination and passion continue to inspire me and everyone around her and I am sure you now feel the same way.

Stay tuned...............I promise I will share more photos from our "shoot".


  1. One word describes my feelings about you And Tamara both. beautiful!

  2. Thank you everyone! You guys are so sweet!

  3. Dianne, you have freckles??? they ROCK!!!
    And Tamara, YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!
    What an inspiring post, thank you sooo much to the both of you, for this...for being present and open. You both inspire courage.

  4. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment. Yes - I have freckles. I like them more now than I did when I was 10! Thanks!

  5. Dianne! You are beautiful!

    I need to get over the whole picture thing. I need to let someone photograph me and I need to see myself for who and what I am - that being, well, I'm not sure what that'd be, lol, but you know what I mean.

    I love your photograph and I think you're absolutely beautiful. And Tamara, too!


  6. Thank you Angie! Sounds like you are on the brink of discovery and I can't wait to see what comes from it. Your comments are very sweet. Thank you!

  7. Dianne, you are a beautiful woman. You should never shirk away from having your picture taken, especially by such a wonderful person such as Tamara. You inner light definetly shows. It would be a shame to hide that from the world. I personally know that you have been an amazing influence for her. She has come a long way in recent years, and I know that it is partially because of the kindness you have shown her. It is truly heart warming and a true grace of God that has put all of us in the embrace of God's will as he has put people and friends in our lives that are encouraging and full of such kindness, knowledge and strength. May we never stop knowing that we are never alone in our lives.

  8. Thank you for your comment Tamara. I means a lot to me!