Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blue Ridge Parkway

I thought I would share a couple of more images I found buried deep inside my computer last week and tie them in with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge.

Both of these were taken in 2007 while exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway outside Ashville, North Carolina. I had flown back east to visit family and attend a workshop, but I also had the extra treat of meeting up with my friends Darleen and Vicki who were traveling across country that fall.

Knowing I was going to be North Carolina in October, they planned their route to be in the that part of the country at the same time. We met up in Ashville and spent one morning driving along the very foggy Blue Ridge Parkway. In addition to the fog (which makes most photographers giddy) the autumn colors were stunning and there was a slight chill in the mountain air. In other words, a perfect day!

You know you have good friends when they not only understand, but also encourage you to stop and get out of the car every half mile and wait in the mist for the perfect moment to click the shutter.

So here are two images from that day that I recovered last week. I had fun playing with these, and I guarantee that they would not look like this if I had processed them five years ago.

Thank you Vicki and Darleen!

  ©2012 Dianne Poinski
Includes Kim's "Nutmeg" texture

©2012 Dianne Poinski
Includes Kim's "Graduation Day" texture


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Gorgeous light in these lovely photos.

  2. I'm a sucker for trees. Such beautiful light and I love the dreamy, mysterious quality they have.

  3. Beautiful light. I feel as if I could walk right into these. Just lovely and peaceful...bliss!

  4. I love these Dianne! The area we live in is very close to these beautiful photos. Yesterday the top stories of Atlanta high rises were obscured in the fog, so mysterious. Thank you for digging into your past and sharing.

  5. Here from TT. Love these images!

  6. fabulous scenery. wonderful texture too.