Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to Yolo........

On Sunday, before my husband went off to enjoy the Super Bowl festivities, we went back to visit the Yolo Wildlife Area. There were some nice clouds in the sky and only a gentle breeze, unlike our visit a few weeks earlier.

While driving in, going the opposite direction from last time, I noticed this row of trees. Using my Nikon D300, I shot quite a few frames and decided to play with this image for Kim Klassen's "Texture Tuesday" challenge this week.

©2012 Dianne Poinski
While the entire sky was pretty cool, I decided to crop this and make it a panoramic. The textures gave me some ideas for hand coloring (which they often do....) so plan to see this one pop up again later.

Here are the details:   "Portrait" texture - blending mode: color (first time I used this!) 100%
                                   "Golden" - soft light at 67%

This is how it looked straight out of the camera:

Here is one more from Sunday:

©2012 Dianne Poinski
On this image I only used "Portrait" with the "color" blending mode at 73%. I applied a layer mask on the top to take away some of the texture from the sky.

Even though I am not a football fan, it was still the perfect day. Spend time outside on a beautiful afternoon with my husband, then hours of uninterrupted time on my computer while he is off enjoying the game with his friends.



  1. Oh my goodness!! These are all absolutely gorgeous! Talk about having an eye! Wow, Dianne! I love the first image the most, love the crop and the gorgeous lined up trees - Oh So Brilliant! Your work is amazing.

  2. I love that panorama!!!
    Thanks too, for coming by!

  3. great job on the crop. love it!

    watched my very first 'in its entirety' superbowl on sunday. I can cross THAT one off my list. heh.

  4. What beautiful effects you've achieved here...I love tree photos so much. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Perfect crop on the first photo.
    It's gorgeous!

  6. Just popping over from the Texture Tuesday group...these are GORGEOUS. Thanks for writing about the process as well, since for some of us, this texture thing is a whole new world ;>]]

  7. Thank you everyone! Still having fun with this!

  8. Very artistic, beautiful effects. Your crop on the first photo is amazing.

  9. Love them.... It is amazing the difference between the original and edited photo.. You did such a great job editing..

  10. really creative, loveeee the last photo. It's so dreamy...

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