Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Embrace" Texture

In my post last week, I mentioned that one of my intentions for the new year was to experiment, share and connect with other photographers. So after many months of viewing from the sidelines, last week I jumped in and participated in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday for the first time. It was great fun and I have already met and discovered the work of so many talented photographers/artists.

Every week Kim introduces a texture and the challenge is to create an image using at least one layer of that texture and then share it on the site. This week's texture is "Embrace". I used that along with two other textures - "Portrait" and "Yesteryear" in this image from my trip to Jenner (where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean). I will also show what it looked like before I processed it.

© 2012 Dianne Poinski
Kim Klassen textures used: Embrace, Portrait & Yesteryear


Happy Tuesday!

P.S. If you are at all interested in using textures with your photographs, I highly recommend checking out Kim's tutorials.


  1. Okay, to begin with, I love all the negative space in this image. Stunning composition. And then your processing work on top of it, WOW!

    Congratulations on being featured in Kim's TT's this week! Your work is lovely!!!

  2. Thank you Angie! It was a fun image to work on. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it!

  3. Angie - congratulations to you too for being featured!

  4. Love the negative space and the compo and the treatment is so great !!! LOVE it !


  5. Lovely lovely stuff and I can't wait to see what else you post in Photo Meditations.

    By the way, if you like instagram, I highly recommend the pictureshow app as well. It's like instagram on steriods. Lots of filters to post process with. The picture I posted into Photo Meditations last night (of my lamp) was done with that program.

  6. What a beautiful and peaceful image.

  7. Thanks everyone! Paula, thanks for the tip on "pictureshow". Just downloaded it and can't wait to play with it. Love that you guys stopped by! Thanks!

  8. This is just beautiful. Kind of that time when winter is just barely giving up to spring.