Tuesday, December 27, 2011


If you have been anywhere near my Facebook profile recently, you know that I just bought my first iPhone - the 4S. I wanted it more for the camera than anything else, but I am quickly finding all sorts of wonderful and very cool things to do with it.

Since getting this camera phone, my walks around the neighborhood take almost twice as long as they use to. Simple activities like playing backgammon or cooking now provide ample photo opportunities.  This was just as true when my only camera was my Nikon DSLR, but the convenience of having my phone with me most of the time, has me paying attention to my surroundings in a new and different way......much like when I first picked up a 35 mm Pentax film camera 20+ years ago.

Selective Focus - Instagram

Yesterday we were returning from San Francisco and the traffic was stop and go most of the way. My stomach was empty, but we had already decided to wait until we got back into Sacramento so we could eat at our favorite Thai restaurant. To take my mind off of my hunger, I started playing around with Instagram on some of the images in my "camera roll".

The following images have only been processed in my phone. Instagram has settings for selective focus and comes with quite a few filters. A couple of these shots were photographed while on the HDR setting, but everything else was done with Instagram.


McKinley Park Library

Selective Focus

HDR setting in the camera
While I was having so much fun, my poor husband was navigating the freeway. A least he didn't have to hear me complain about being hungry. I forgot all about that until I looked up and saw that we were in Sacramento and would soon be pulling into the restaurant parking lot.

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  1. I love iPhoneography, too and especially Instagram-just followed you. I'm lynne317. Your photos are lovely. Thanks for commenting on my photo-per-diem.