Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Coastal Views

I think this is going to be fun!

In preparing for this week's "less words, more images" post I found myself going back through hundreds of  files.  There are so many images that have been waiting patiently for my attention, and this is the perfect reason to give them a little bit of love.

Today I am sharing a couple of images I made along the coast. The first one is of Point Reyes, taken just a few months ago. The second one was made two years ago while driving north from Half Moon Bay. (Both on the northern California coast)


©2011 Dianne Poinski 
Point Reyes

©2011 Dianne Poinski
North of Half Moon Bay


  1. Greetings Dianne,

    Point Reyes is a beautiful spot along the California coast and we are certainly lucky o have it so close to us. Your images are beautiful as ever and I lie the softness of the colors.

    I hope you will share more from your outing.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Thank you Egmont! Yes - I am very grateful I live in northern California! Good chance more images from those outings will make their way to the blog. Stay tuned!