Friday, October 28, 2011

Workshops & Art Festivals......

Book update:  I received the first copy of "simple grace" this week and wish I could say "here it is!", but I am not ready. I need to make a few tweaks and a couple of decisions before taking the next step.

After placing the order for the book, I spent the rest of last week getting ready for my first hand coloring workshop in the new studio. The new space presented some challenges and it had been awhile since I taught. I had a rhythm and a routine in the old studio and I was a little worried about the transition to the new space.

I discovered that it doesn't really matter where I teach as long as I go into it with the desire to share my passion and have fun at the same time. I made the decision earlier to reduce the number of students in the beginning class and I loved how that shifted the group dynamic and gave me a chance to spend more time with each student. It also gave everyone room to spread out (which they took full advantage of).
Level II Workshop

The other change I made was scheduling the Level I class on Saturday and the Level II class on Sunday. One of my students (visiting from Michigan) came for both days of instruction and said it was a great way to retain and reinforce what she learned.

I am looking forward to my first "Level III" workshop next month and then a "floral photography" class in February. I am also planning a show featuring the work of four of my students early next year. I would love to have the studio become a hub of activity with more workshops and community events. My studio mate JJ Jacobs, has plans to offer workshops as well. 

Now it's time to get ready for the Sacramento Arts Festival, the only show I am doing this year.  I should be scrambling to get ready, but I think I am tired of "scrambling". There always seems to be "something to get done". I decided that in addition to a few new items and framed pieces, whatever inventory I have in the studio should be enough for the show.

I was hoping to have a book to display, but decided that rushing to do that was probably not the best idea. (I believe this is a sign of maturity....)

The challenge will come next week however. You may remember how we decided to use my pro panels in the new studio so we could avoid tearing up the lathe and plaster walls. Well, next week those panels need to be loaded in the van, along with boxes of prints, tables and even lights that I will need to get down off the tracks. After the show is over, the studio has to be put back together in time for Second Saturday......... but I don't have to think about that right now.

Studio with pro panels

Over the years I made many friends on the show circuit and quite a few will be at this show as well. I look forward to seeing familiar faces as I make numerous trips with my cart, back and forth from the loading dock to my booth spot. The energy and excitement during set up can be pretty contagious, but the recent economic climate has dampened that enthusiasm a bit. It's ok. It's all ok...........

Sacramento Art Festival
Judging from the pieces on the panels, this was a long time ago.......
My intention is to have a good time and hopefully meet new people. Of course I would like enough sales to at least break even (ok - I will be honest, more than breaking even would be awesome!), but my attitude will play a key role in how the weekend unfolds. Whatever happens, I might as well try to enjoy myself. What have I got to lose?  

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