Friday, July 15, 2011


It's been an interesting summer so far. In addition to this book I plan to complete, I am having a gallery show with my floral images in September.

It's getting down to the wire. The frames have arrived and the mat board ordered. What's missing is the art. Even though I have completed many images for the book, I want to show as much new work as possible. For the last few weeks I have been shooting, processing and printing images to hand color. The problem is I have very little to show for all the time I have put in.

Nothing seems to be working. What I envisioned is not the reality. Elements like color, composition, technical details, and most important - emotion - are not coming together.

I am getting anxious and rushing to do the work and it shows........

In the past I have kept up this manic behavior until I either had a meltdown or got sick. I decided to take a little different course this week. The other day I knew I was trying too hard to make something work, so I quit and went to the movies instead. It helped.

I was also desperate for feedback. I needed help and I also had to make sure I wasn't just being too hard on myself. I wasn't. After showing a few images to a couple of people, they confirmed (gently) that something was lacking. They helped me see what wasn't working and had ideas and offered encouragement. I think it's all going to be ok...........

In other news. The "rough draft" of the book arrived.  I discovered that I need to rescan a few things and that I will choose a different paper next time. This is good information to have and will help me when I start putting together the "real" book.

I know I am not the only one out there that has experienced times of doubt and frustration. It's all part of the process I guess, but it feels good to share.................


  1. OK Dianne,
    You need to sit in your favorite chair, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Now...visualize your thoughts and see what your looking for. Don't just take a minute or so to do this. Take some time and really think of what you want to finish with. When you see it, sit down and get it done. It's worked for me many times. You'll do it, I know you will.


  2. Thank you Bob! I will try that and let you know how it goes. It's sounds very relaxing......

  3. Well, if it was easy everyone would do it. Everyone struggles for their art. Sounds cliche, but tis true. So keep at it girl. You'll get the result you want in the end.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Bob! I appreciate it!

  5. It is all part of the process, seems to be necessary - but terribly inconvenient to experience it just now!

    Breathing, calming, centering, focusing on one thing at a time - all great advice. Also accept yourself and your work for where it is now, let it be okay and then proceed.

    Cheering for you!

  6. Thanks Katherine! I feel like I am inching my way out of this. Thanks for cheering me on! It helps - a lot!

  7. Dear Blocked ;-)
    you are surrounded by such wise ones reminding you of the power of sitting and breathing...and also of the necessary doubt 'guards at the gate'.

    You're stretching and on your growing edge and naturally those dang ol' demons are dancing...just trying their best to get their favorite snackfood: your focus and intent AND enthusiasm.

    Don't feed them.

    Feed your soul with the beauty that you see in the world.

    Yum Yum.

    And CONGRATS!!! what wonderful Art/Life manifestations you are sharing with us all.

  8. Thank you Donna! I loved your comment and may print it out and put it where I can see it all times. Starve the demons! I love that! Thank you...........

  9. Sometimes, when I feel like like you've described, I realize that maybe I'm trying too hard. I have a collage made up of brilliant patches of color. Whenever I look at it, I'm reminded that I can do things the way I do them, not the way I think I SHOULD do them (which often consists of going faster, being more precise, planning ahead, etc.) Sometimes it's just a case of getting out of my own way!

  10. Thanks Hannah! You nailed it when you said "trying too hard". That is exactly what I have been doing. The "shoulds" have also been popping up all over the place.

    I am happy to report that this has been a better week and it started getting better when I let go of all my expectations and just decided to have fun!