Friday, June 17, 2011

Visual Progress

This is really going to happen this time! I am making quite a bit of progress toward completing the "flower" book and wanted to share an image as well as show you the system I am using to stay on track.

©2011 Dianne Poinski

I like to be organized - especially when I have a big project to finish. When I committed to completing this book a few months ago, I knew I had to have a plan and a system.

The first thing I did was create an Excel spreadsheet with a list of images/flowers in one column. (This sounds very nerdy, but remember - I was going to school to become an accountant before I discovered photography).

The second column was for marking when I had a finished black and white print that was ready to color. A mark in the third column signified completion of the hand colored original.

I spent quite a bit of time working on the spreadsheet only to discover that I hated it! Hard copies were covered with notes and scribbles or simply disappeared. In the end, I became very overwhelmed whenever I saw that spreadsheet. I really had no idea how much progress I was making, so I tossed it out and started over.

The next idea utilized one of my favorite items - a bulletin board. I started making very small prints of the images I was considering for the book. Some of these were almost finished, while many were still in their raw, "out of the camera" condition. It didn't matter. If I thought there was a chance I would use it - it went on the board. When my original board became too small, I went and retrieved the only "Pro Panel" not in use at my studio and brought it in from the garage. It makes a perfect extra large bulletin board!

What a difference a visual makes! Now I can look at "my board" and know what I need to do next.

As I complete the original images, I find that laying them out so I can see them is very satisfying. (A great benefit of being an "empty nester"......extra rooms with doors you can close to hide just this sort of thing!)

I still have a lot to do, but I was amazed at how quickly I became organized and focused after switching to this system. Not only can I "see" progress and "see" what steps I need to take next, but I find that I am able to visualize the finished product now - and that is making all the difference in the world!

Stay a few weeks I should be able to announce an approximate completion date.


  1. pretty, sweet, delicate images!
    i am going to try and sign up before the deadline.
    everything you do is so, so, lovely!
    i think its going to be so fun!
    xoxo Eden

  2. Gorgeous! You are doing such beaut work!

  3. Thank you Eden! I would love to have you join Photo Artistry Workshop. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

  4. Thanks for your comment Bob! I really appreciate it!