Monday, June 6, 2011

Grateful For the Light......

I know that one of the reasons making the decision to move from my former studio was so difficult, was because I wasn't quite ready to give up the amazing light I had in that space. I spent hours there using the natural light from the windows as my main light source for photographing flowers.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had the chance to photograph in my new studio and was very excited about the possibilities. That impromptu photo session came about when I was getting ready for my "Camera Basics" workshop. A "floral shoot" was one of the exercises I had planned for the students, and not knowing exactly how this was going to work, I thought I better try it myself.

As soon as I got out my camera and began shooting, I discovered that my worries about the light in the new studio were unfounded. The problem was, once I started, I had trouble stopping. I was having so much fun that when a friend called me during that time, I answered and asked her to tell me to stop so I could continue getting ready for my class. She refused - on the grounds that I was being creative and enjoying myself. Thank you Elizabeth!

Without planning it, having one of my ProPanels right by the window proved to be a perfect fit. In my old studio I had many tiny nail holes in the wall from putting up the backdrop - each time in a slightly different spot. This will no longer be a problem.......a little bit of sticky back Velcro is all I need now!

I eventually stopped shooting and finished preparing for the class. Knowing that it had all worked out and that I still had a good set up for creating floral images, put a smile on my face all weekend!

So here is "Approaching Spring" first piece photographed and hand colored completely in my new studio!

"Approaching Spring"  ©2011 Dianne Poinski 
PS: I want to thank my friend Linda for bringing these beautiful tulips to me as a "studio warming gift". The gift that kept on giving..............Thanks!


  1. Great set up - glad that you have wonderful light to work with. "Approaching Spring" is gorgeous.

  2. The pro-panel is a great idea and the light looks amazing. Congratulations on your new space and you've christened it with a beautiful image of tulips.

  3. Thank you Katherine and Kim! Can't wait to shoot more in my new space!

  4. I appreciate how you break down the process of creating your work Dianne. I had no idea how you go about creating the backdrop for your photography--nor how you might use the "pro-panels" to help you out. It's instructive and helps me to problem solve in my own studio. What a wonderful portrait you've made of your friend's gift!

  5. Thank you Hannah! I like sharing the inside workings of my studio and I love to see how other artists solve some of their problems too!

  6. See how things work out? Looks like a fantastic and productive setup. What a great tip to use the pro panel this way. Looking forward to more!