Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Solution to Overwhelm......

I have been on a roll. Cleaning, sorting, getting rid of things, organizing........ and it feels great! Moving my studio started all of this. As I was going through 6 years of accumulated "stuff" I simply began to toss or give away many items. I had quite a few hiding places in my old studio and while things were "out of sight", I could still feel the weight of these objects deep within.

Clutter usually leads to overwhelm, a word I use more often than I like to admit. For me there are two types of clutter - the physical and the emotional. The interesting thing is, once I start to eliminate the physical clutter, my minds starts to calm down and I begin to feel a little lighter and more focused.

This was starting to feel so good that I couldn't stop. I began going through my house and managed to take quite a few large bags to the Goodwill last week. Since my children moved out, I have used their rooms as holding cells for empty boxes that I could not bear to throw out, frames I thought I would repurpose and a multitude of miscellaneous orphaned items. It was great because all I had to do was place things in there and close the door. But again, even though the rest of my house looked ok, I knew what was behind the closed doors and it was sapping my energy.

Besides cleaning and clearing, the move also generated a sense of starting over. A new beginning. So in the middle of all this I sat down and redid my website. Changed templates and colors, added and subtracted pages and experimented with different fonts. I still have more to do, but it's a good start. I titled one of the new pages "Stories". On this page I list blog posts that featured one or more images and the stories behind them. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Someday I would like to place the links directly on the image page, but for now this will do.

Camellias on my porch....

Changing up this blog will be my next project, but I think after this weekend I will slow down a bit and enjoy the space I have created. Take the time to ride my bike to the studio, eat outside and maybe even sneak in a couple of naps...........


  1. Hi Dianne
    Your new website design is lovely and your move to the new studio is exciting to hear about...what a wonderful way to start the beginnings.

  2. Thank you Donna! I love that this all happened in spring. Just feels right.....

  3. Great idea to let the stuff go, and I can see how redoing your website fits in with your move. It looks gorgeous! Your work is wonderful,as always, and I love the stories!

  4. Love the new website! I get the cleaning thing, I am on the verge of cleaning and rearranging my office/workspace to make it flow better.

  5. Thank you Katherine and Cindi!
    I really appreciate your comments. Cindi - keep me posted on your "spring cleaning".

  6. Dianne--I've often thought that straightening is just as good as therapy for overwhelm (and cheaper...)I find clearing the floor and tables in the studio and putting away supplies clears my mind and helps me problem solve.

    Your redesign of your website is gorgeous and clean-- and allows your work to shine.

  7. Thanks Hannah! I heard we are in good company - I just read that Amy Poehler feels the same way.

  8. Curious to what happened to my other comments.........they have all disappeared.