Friday, April 29, 2011

So.....Where Is It??

In a few hours I will be moving out the few things that remain in my old studio and turning in the keys. While I am very excited about the new space, I am feeling somewhat wistful about leaving the comforts of a community I have been part of for 6 years. I guess that's to be expected, and I wrote about it before...........but it still caught me by surprise.

Many local readers emailed me last week to ask where my new studio is located. I didn't mean to keep it a secret or anything, it just didn't make it into last week's post. I was curious to see if anyone would recognize the place from the photo I posted. A couple of people did, which was fun.

To answer the question "So.... where is it?" here is the address:  4755 J Street, Sacramento CA 95819

One of the coolest things about my new studio is I will be able to walk or ride my bike to it. I love that! It was one of the reasons I decided to move there. There could be days where I don't have to get in my car at all if I don't want to. I may even challenge myself to see how many days I can go "car less".

I should be completely moved in by next week but I thought it would be fun to show you some "before" photos.

Some of you may recognize the panels. These are the same "Pro-Panels" I use when I am showing at art festivals. We decided to try using these after we discovered that the walls are "lathe and plaster". Anyone that has ever lived in an old house will understand. You don't simply pound a nail into the wall and hang art. It's a little more involved than that.

I know in my house, once a nail has been "inserted" into the wall, it pretty much stays there. This would explain why some of the artwork in my house is hanging a bit higher or lower than it should be. I know there are tricks and techniques, but why go to that trouble if you don't have to. We may decide to use the walls more later, but for now, the panels will work fine.

I am eager to get back to work and have the move behind me. I believe this new space is going to energize my creativity in so many ways and I am excited to begin this new adventure. Off to move the last load........


  1. How romantic walking to your new studio as if you live in a little village.

    Best wishes in your new work environment.

  2. I like that vision! Thanks for the comment!

  3. It sounds like a good move Dianne - when all flows then I believe it is a positive action - I like the idea of you riding your bike to work! I am thinking of getting a bike - it's a bit hilly in parts round here and the traffic these days is worrying and I am a bit more wobbley than I used to be but I am still drawn to the idea!

  4. Dianne--what a lovely area for a studio move. Very exciting too that it is within biking distance. Always a plus these days!

  5. Thanks everyone! Yes - the more I think about it, the more excited I get about living so close to my studio!

  6. Greetings dear Dianne,

    Congratulations on the move and I particularly like the fact that you are able to walk or ride your bike to it, which is good for the health and saves on gasoline.

    As for nails in the walls you may wish to consider later a crown system from which thin wires are suspended to hang the art work and photographs, leaving the wall untouched.

    As you stay there for awhile you will most likely make a few adjustment to the stores layout to optimize the space to your needs.

    I hope to be traveling there some day and stop by for a visit.

    Warmest regards,

  7. Thank you Egmont!
    We did discuss that wire system and may install it at a later date, but for now this is a good temporary solution.

    I would love to have you stop by for a visit someday!