Thursday, April 21, 2011

Changes.......Part II

A few people emailed me last week curious about why I was moving. I originally deleted that section of the post because it felt like I was rationalizing and/or whining about the situation at my current studio. Also, I did not want to bore the people that were already aware of my reasons and frankly, I was getting a little bored with myself.

The truth is, changes were happening in the building that directly affected the studios upstairs. The most significant one being the declaration that the upstairs was now "Private" and access was by "Invitation Only". This was the owner's response to the order that the building be ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant. If you make the studios private, you don't need an elevator to meet the requirements.

While the other artists in the building are coming up with some very creative ways to get around this, I decided it was more than I wanted to deal with. Second Saturday and other open studio events will still take place and those of you that like to visit "The Building" - please continue to do so!

Besides the ADA issue, the building is in escrow and changes to the upstairs last year helped significantly reduce the amount of traffic my studio received. (I know quite a few people are tired of hearing about that one!)

This week however, I am finished with all that. Instead I want to celebrate and share my excitement for this new adventure. I also want to introduce you to my new studio partner - Judy "JJ" Jacobs. While our style, color palette, and processes may be different, I feel a common bond is our commitment to our work and a strong desire to share that with others. JJ's energy and enthusiasm is contagious and her talent and passion are clearly communicated through her paintings, glass work and jewelry.

©JJ Jacobs "Night Moves"
Be sure to check out her website:

Last week we picked up our keys and I took a couple of pictures.

We even came up with a name for our new space - "Bell'Arte Studios", Italian for "Fine Art Studios". (Amazing how much better words sound in Italian!)

Time to go pack up some more stuff......................



  1. Hi Dianne
    I come because of your comments about ocean being your sanctuary, sstated over at Hannah's blog, and I stayed because I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!
    OVER THE MOON excited...I was fascinated reading your account on what moved you to move and I am so completely thrilled for you and JJ and for the space that you've wonderful wonderful.

    Your storefront reminds me of my gallery, Signet, once located in the Little Italy arts district of Cleveland, Ohio...a thriving mecca for Creatives of all types.

    I wish you and JJ so much great, good fortune!!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Donna! We are pretty excited too, but I have to say that reading your comment put a big smile on my face and filled me with gratitude for how the internet has brought us all together. Thank you!

  3. Congrats on the new place, new studio-mate. You'll likely have new energy and creativity. Change is postiive! Happy for you...

  4. Thanks Bob! Hope you can stop by some day!

  5. I'm thrilled about your move Dianne! From your words, it sounds as if this will be truly a beneficial change for you. I'm looking forward to visiting your beautiful new studio and meeting JJ. Her work looks gorgeous and yummy and a good complement to your photographs.
    buona fortuna!

  6. Thanks Hannah! Yes - isn't JJ's work wonderful? Can't wait for you to visit!