Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes...........

A couple of weeks ago I gave notice on my studio and will be moving into my new space at the end of the month.............I hope.

As of today, I have not signed anything confirming that will actually take place. It is my understanding that this will simply be a formality, but I think I will feel a little better once I have it all in writing. While I wait for that, I have had plenty of time to process (and obsess about) the fact that I am leaving behind what I know and trading it in for the unknown.

I celebrated six years in my studio last month. I never had a job that lasted that long. Before I moved into the house I am living in right now, I relocated many times. Each time was a new adventure.

The truth is, I love change. I thrive on it and have come to embrace it and welcome it into my life. So why am I struggling with this?

Maybe I am out of practice. I believe you have to flex those muscles and like any other muscle, it will weaken without use.

It doesn't help that I am leaving a large space with incredible light, in close proximity to other artists and a gallery with a good amount of traffic. It only takes one person to say "Really? Are you sure about this?" to make me immediately start questioning myself.

But I have made the decision and I am sticking with it. Many factors were considered when I was trying to decide if this was a smart move or not. After reviewing the list, I am even more convinced I am doing the right thing.

I began sharing that list here and then deleted the whole thing. I think I just wanted to justify it some more. Let's just say there are financial, business and personal reasons for moving.

I will share photos and probably videos of my new space after I start moving in. In the meantime, I am spending as much time as I can in my current studio, taking advantage of the beautiful light and filling up my hard drive with enough floral images to last me a long time...............

©2011 Dianne Poinski


  1. good luck with the move Dianne - change is scary!!

  2. Thanks Rosie! Good to hear from you!

  3. Hey - I am certainly happy to discover this. great job!

  4. Good for you Dianne! It may tough to make this move--but you're doing it for the right reasons and these will guide you as you make the transition, carrying all of the great memories and photographs with you...

  5. Good luck with your move. New adventures are good!

  6. Dear Dianne,

    I too have questioned a move but we do not know if we made the right decision until we make the move and see the results over the next year or two as it takes that long to see the actual impact.

    We are heading once again into uncertain times and need to tighten our belts so to speak, making sure that we can continue to work, while securing our base from loss. Though it means doing without being close to other artists and galleries, you need to do what is right for your situation.

    Wishing you good luck,

  7. Thanks everyone! Excitement is starting to replace fear...