Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Years of Blogging

I started my blog on Leap Day, 2008. This means I won't have an official anniversary day until next year, but I feel like celebrating anyway. I wonder how people who are born on February 29th deal with their "day" missing three out of every four years.

When I wrote my first post I had no idea what I was doing. My daughter was my only reader, but I just kept plugging away. I am so grateful to those of you that found my blog and continue to stop by every once in awhile. It's been an interesting but satisfying journey.

Back then art festivals seemed to be a main focus and the thought of doing workshops had not even entered my mind. Who knew that in a few months our economy would suffer a huge meltdown and I would decide to take a break from shows and announce my first hand coloring workshop?

I thought it would be fun to "repost" what I wrote that day, so here it is:

Friday, February 29, 2008

An Extra 24 Hours!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of March. All day I felt like I was getting this treat of an extra 24 hours. I wish I could say an extra day to "just enjoy" but like many people, it meant an extra day to "get things done". Starting this blog has been on my list of things to do since the beginning of the year, so it felt like the perfect day to begin.

Why do I want a blog?

I have become a great fan of many blogs out there. I feel connected to a whole community of artists, dreamers, teachers and risk takers and I want to participate.

I also want to begin to share my art on a more personal level. Hand coloring black and white photographs in the digital age has been both challenging and rewarding. I plan to share the frustrations as well as the inspirations and the techniques.

The business of being an artist is also a subject I would like to address. I have my first art festival of the year coming up in less than 2 weeks and I feel fear and excitement as the season begins.

I feel out of my comfort zone here, but I believe most personal growth takes place "outside the zone" so I am going to push past the fear and just do my best.

What more can we expect of ourselves?

I hope everyone enjoyed their "extra 24 hours"!




  1. Hi Dianne...I am loving everything here on your blog and website. Your images are dreamy and beautiful! I have downloaded your free e-book and I am looking into your online classes. I am excited and hope to be in touch about these classes...sweet dreams pretty lady...xoxo Eden

  2. Happy "pre" leap anniversary, Dianne. I always enjoy your writing, photography and hand coloring art. Looking forward to celebrating your fist leap anniversary next year. You'll no doubt be throwing a big bash, right? :)

  3. I love reading this...now and then blog. What a journey it has been and continues to be.

  4. Happy Anniversary! The concept of an "extra 24 hours" is something to think about In a way, every day is "extra".

    Looking forward to seeing your next three years surpass the last!

  5. Thanks everyone! And yes - I have to agree with you Katherine, every day is an "extra 24 hours"....

    Eden - I really appreciate your comment. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything in the e-book.

  6. I first skipped around on your post and was wondering how you came up with an extra 24 hours and I didn't. I was jealous! I sure could use another 24 hours. So I started reading your post over and okay, I get it! Congratulations on three years. I plan to sign up for your online course too. I still need to order the spray and see if my paper will work. I finally to the printed copy of leaves the other night about 12:15 a.m. and touched the yellow and green on a few leaves. Then had to go to bed. Since the online will be as I have time, I can do that. Now, back to work for me.

  7. Dianne--I like that you are stopping to take stock, appreciate and celebrate--you have much here to be proud of. I wish you a very happy blog bday! I know that what you continue to post will continue to delight us:)