Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Ship is Back Up........

After launching Photo Artistry Workshop last week, I basked in the glow of accomplishment for a few days. I am excited about the new site and all the wonderful people that have signed up. (This is an ongoing site, so it's not too late...)

Anyway, after feeling pretty good about the way the whole project was turning out, I started to feel something else. I think I crashed a bit. Of course I did. I had been working nonstop at my computer for days. That's what happens when you finally come up for air, but there was something else...

On Saturday I received the current issue of Artful Blogging in the mail. (If you don't know about this magazine, I highly recommend that you check it out.) Flipping through the pages, I began to feel a stirring of sadness, envy and confusion. It didn't take a rocket scientist (or even a therapist) to figure out what was wrong....I needed to make art!

It was time to take off the "geek" hat I had proudly worn for weeks and get my butt back in the studio. The transformation of mood and energy was amazing.

I made a couple of prints of these dogwood blossoms that I shot last spring and spent a few glorious hours hand coloring and listening to music. It wasn't just the work that helped me. I had immersed myself in a technological pond that was not only hard on my spirit (and my back), but isolating. Just to be in the building and around other people felt good. Very good.....


Balance is overrated and I don't do it well anyway, but I feel like I got my ship back up. That's really what it feels like. I can get so carried away doing one thing that it's like a boat that slowly tilts (I am sure there is a nautical term for that) one way and then it takes some force on the opposite side to bring it back to a neutral position. Once again, that force was a brief but joyful interlude hand coloring in my studio.

The next few days will be spent once again working on videos and other content for Photo Artistry Workshop, but I am going slip in a few hours working on my own images as well. I can't help others create if my well is dry..........everyone knows that, I just needed a gentle reminder.


  1. You after image is so beautiful. I love the hint of pink. It's like the blossoms were kissed! Great work of art.

  2. The dogwood is beautiful! I am guilty of the same thing..the computer has won the last few weeks with a graphics project. Alyson mentioned something along the lines of produce produce...I must get to it too. Take care Dianne...when I make plans for a west coast trip I will let you know.

  3. Thanks Sandy & Beth. I appreciate your comments!
    I was just happy to work on that image after all this time.

    Found out that "listing" is the nautical term I was searching for.

  4. I'm glad to see you're back on course and with a beautiful new piece to show for it.

    Happy Sails (and Sales)!

  5. I love what you did with the dogwood. I too am guilty of the same thing. I do find myself on the computor more and more. Can't wait til Spring and do more shooting!

  6. I think the "computer issue" is one most artists are facing these days. I think photographers have a little tougher time because we also "create" on the computer and it can be sooooo much fun!

  7. Dianne,

    It's so easy to become absorbed in an activity to the exclusion of all others and whichever way it goes--marketing or artwork, I feel like something gets left behind. I spent the week working on a quilt challenge, and now feel like I've been way from the blog world for ages!

    Did you ever hear that story about how pilots don't fly in a straight line towards their destination? I like to remember that when I feel like I'm off course...

    Your dogwoods are a wonderful result of righting your ship--they have such poise and beauty.

  8. Oh, Dianne, this resonates with me more than I can say! I've been loving wearing my tech hat too, and creating cool stuff for the Thriving Artists Project, but WOW did I need to get back to my art-making!

    What a difference it makes!

  9. It's ok to go "off course"...I like that. Thanks Hannah!

    Melissa, I knew you would be able to relate....For those of you not familiar with the "Thriving Artists Project", check it out:
    I highly recommend it!

  10. Beautiful images, Dianne. I have the same problem in that I'm very cyclical in my energy and need to wear many hats to produce my blog, run my texture store, etc. It's so true that we need to constantly balance with our own creative energies.