Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hope My Kids Don't Mind.....

Since I shared some new work last week that was "seasonal", I decided to continue the theme with the image that was on our Christmas card sixteen (I think) years ago.

If you have taken any of my workshops you may have already seen this. I like to show it as an example of a piece that was a fiber based darkroom print colored with Marshall's photo oils and colored pencils.

So with that, I am getting ready to spend the next few days with my family (both my kids will be home!) and wanted to wish everyone a joyful and peaceful holiday weekend. May it be filled with love, beauty, good food and laughter........

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a Tool.........

©2010 Dianne Poinski

One of the reasons I have totally embraced digital photography is for the first time, it feels like it's going to be possible to actually create the images I have been seeing in my imagination. How I got from the original version of this poinsettia to the one you see above, is a perfect example.

For the last few months I have been playing around with texture layers in Photoshop and loving it! A couple of weeks ago I discovered Leslie Nicole and her Photo Artist Textures site. Not only does she offer some wonderful textures, but she also gives information on how to use them. Her own images are beautiful and I was very inspired by what I saw.

When I discovered that Leslie use to also hand-color her images, I was surprised at first, and then it made complete sense. In an email to me she compared using textures to hand-coloring - " Put color on, take it off in places, layer other colors..." I also feel that my choice of grainy film was an early attempt to add texture to my photographs.

While this image is not handcolored, I can see where this effect will be a natural fit with the handcoloring - just like grainy film was - and I can't wait to start experimenting.

This poinsettia is my nod to the "season" and I thought I would share the steps I took to create it.

Here is the original, "out of the camera" version:

After using a filter to soften the image a bit, I added one of the textures I purchased from Leslie - "Grenat", adjusted the opacity, did a little masking.....

I then added another layer - "Printemps" and made a few more adjustments to bring out some yellow.

The last texture layer I added was called "Vintage-Forest" (love that name).

I did a few more adjustments, cropped and added the edge treatment and had to step away from my computer. I could have played with this all night!

To some people this may seem like a lot of digital manipulation and there was a time when I would have agreed. What I feel now, is that I am using the tools that are available to me to enhance the mood, add the colors and create the images I have always longed to make. These will be both "hand"colored and digitally colored - it will depend on the image. As long as I get close to my original vision, I will be happy......

It's also time for me to stop defending myself and my decision to do more work in the computer. Maybe that's my New Year's resolution...............

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inspired by a Magazine

I have always loved magazines. I read "Highlights" as a child and of course, "Teen" magazine and a few others I am embarrassed to admit to.

In 1987 a new magazine was introduced called "Victoria". As a new mother, I found escape and beauty in this magazine. My reality was diapers, doctor appointments, and laundry. As much as I loved being with my baby daughter, I looked forward to every issue of Victoria that landed in my mailbox.

It would be a few years before I would seriously picked up a camera, but already I could sense a stirring whenever I saw the beautiful images that graced the pages of that magazine. I didn't know it yet, but my floral photography would later be influenced by the compositions featured in Victoria.

@1999 Dianne Poinski

Victoria was also one of the first magazines (at least that I am aware of), that spotlighted women entrepreneurs. Again, I was a few years away from being self-employed, but for some reason I devoured these articles and wanted to read more.

@2002 Dianne Poinski

In 1999 Janet Allon and the editors of Victoria Magazine released - "The Business of Bliss" and then in 2001, "Turn Your Passion Into Profits" was published. By this time my photography business was just getting off the ground and I found these books informative and inspirational. These days, I spend a lot of time online searching for similar information, grateful that Victoria Magazine helped pave the way.

As my photography business grew, I continued to subscribe to the magazine and flip through it looking for creative ideas and helpful articles. I am sure you can imagine my disappointment when it was announced in 2003 that the magazine was folding. As sad as that was, I was grateful for the pile of issues in my closet that I could haul out whenever I craved quiet and inspiration with my afternoon cup of tea.

Looking back, I feel that the images in Victoria Magazine not only inspired the design of my floral photographs, but is one of the reasons I started setting these shots up in the first place. This is very evident in some of my early work, but the idea for this blog post came from a session in my studio a couple of weeks ago involving lavender, teacups and those books that keep popping up in my photographs. I had the best time, and later when I was reviewing my images, I noticed that Victoria Magazine's influence had crept in again and it was most welcome!

@2010 Dianne Poinski

There is a happy ending to the story about the demise of the magazine in 2003. In 2007 it was announced that Victoria Magazine was returning. Not only am I still a subscriber, but so is my 24 year old daughter - the baby girl mentioned in the beginning of this! What's not to love about a magazine with the word "Bliss" typed above the title..........

P.S. For some reason, last week one of my older blog posts emailed itself out to those of you that have signed up to receive these in your in-box. Not sure how or why that happen, but I am sorry!