Monday, November 29, 2010

Year-End Review

I know we just finished up with Thanksgiving and it's not even December yet, but I have already bought my 2011 calendars and planners and I am ready to move on. Before I do, I want to go back and review what my intentions were at the beginning of 2010 and see how I did.

I wrote a mid-year progress report back in May, which showed that some items on my list were working out better than others, but I was happy with what I had accomplished up to that point.

For this year-end review, I will revisit that same list to see what I need to work on in 2011.

• Take more photographs!! I think I nailed this one. In May my hard drive was full and in November I upgraded my computer and now have 3 times as much storage. I recently spent a weekend "keywording" over 3000 images. So feeling good here......

• Pay my debt down by $4200 - I had to adjust this figure a few times to reflect a more "realistic" goal, but I am excited to report that I have reduced my debt by almost $3500! Not what I planned, but I am thrilled by that number anyway.

• Be more conscious about my business expenses and how I spend money. – I have seen improvement here, but I still need to work on making better choices.

• Have a cash reserve at the end of 2010 of $5000. – Simply not going to happen...........oh well. This item will have to be totally revised for next year.

• Continue to offer workshops and come up with ideas for new classes. -I did offer a new "camera" class this year and will be announcing my 2011 workshop schedule this week. What I didn't talk about here earlier was my plan to offer an e-book on my hand-coloring process. Announcement: It will be finished in early January!

• Try to stop worrying about what other people think about me and what I write about in this blog. – Wrote a whole blog post on this subject: "Holding Back"

• Work on “projects” instead of random images. – I got a little off track with this intention and started to spend too much time "putting out fires" instead of having a clear focus. My "flower book" project suffered as a result, and I have pushed that release back to February 2011.

• Practice feeling gratitude every day – I have revived my practice of writing down at least 3 things I am grateful for everyday. One of my "good" habits.

• Most important – Have Fun! – I feel like I am making progress here. I took a wonderful 2 week road trip with my husband and have gotten better at scheduling more "off" time. Funny how this tends to make me more productive!

I find this exercise very satisfying and I have learned quite a bit about myself this year. I will spend the next few weeks reflecting on this list and getting clear about where I want to be at this time next year.

I won't be doing this alone however. I am signing up to be part of the "Thriving Artists Project" where I will be inspired, guided and armed with the information I need to make 2011 an awesome year. Check out the website if you want more information:

P.S. I also wanted to share that the "gardening" project I mentioned earlier in the year (but was not included here) won't be showing up on my 2011 list. Time to let that one go. Bottom line, I don't really know what I am doing when I am out there, and (here's the real truth) I would rather be working on my photography than in the dirt. I think I liked the "idea" of gardening more than the reality. Again - a little clarity. Feels good....................


  1. HI Dianne...thank you for doing a review, this is a good prompt for me too. I know it is hard to see what has and hasn't happened, but I must say your photos have gotten more and more beautiful and your blog has been a high point of my weeks. I must comment more so you know I am here and reading, that will be a goal for me for next year. I hope Thanksgiving was wonderful with your family at home. We loved being together, but were not all healthy, so we will hope for that at Christmas. Best wishes...Beth

  2. Thank you Beth! You are so sweet. I will hope for a healthy Christmas for you and your family. My son was home for Thanksgiving, but not my daughter. She will be home for Christmas though. Can't wait!
    Thank you again. I always love hearing from you!

  3. Hi Diane,

    Beth told me how much she liked this post and I agree. Doing a review before the end of the year gives you a running start on the new one. I like how you've got a philosophical attitude towards the progress made and the progress yet to come. Totally get you on letting go of the gardening. So many things are better in the mind's eye.

    And like Beth, I've enjoyed watching your photos becoming more and more beautiful.

    Thanks for giving me a jump start on my own list!

  4. Thank you Hannah! I appreciate your kind words about my work and my post. I know doing this sort of review helps me and I love hearing how other artists approach their own goals and visions. Keep me posted on how you are doing! PS We need to get Beth out here for a visit! How fun would that be??

  5. Dianne - Congratulations on realizing so many of your goals! Congratulations too for the clarity you've achieved. It's a great time of year for reflection and I'm doing the same.

    I'm also looking forward to your E-Book!