Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Digital Creations

2010 Dianne Poinski

A number of you have noticed that I am not hand-coloring all my photographs these days. I know that this is the technique I teach, and "Hand-colored Photography" appears in my business name, but I am having so much fun exploring other ways to create my images that I have decided it’s time to share.

2010 Dianne Poinski

I have been posting the occasional "digital creation" here on my blog or on my facebook page, but I have never offered them up for sale. With that in mind, I recently conducted a survey of selected people on my email newsletter list. The response was great and the information I gathered was invaluable.

Here is some of what I learned:

  • 42% of those that responded had bought art online, stating that knowing the artist and their work made them feel comfortable with their decision.

  • 73% said that subject matter and/or color was the most important factor they considered when choosing art to purchase.

  • Only 15% ranked buying “originals” as “very important”.

  • 44% were very interested in being able to purchase greeting cards with my images on them.

  • 43% like the idea of choosing mats and frames when buying art online.

As a photographer, I am in a unique position because my hand-colored photographs are considered “originals” and reproductions are made from these pieces. In this way, I operate more like a painter, creating originals using the best materials available and then investing in high quality scans in order to produce the finest reproductions possible. This is not going to change. I will still be creating “originals”, hand-colored with pastels, but images created digitally will now be available as well.

After a lot research, thought and experimentation, I made the decision that in addition to my website, I would also start offering images for sale on the “Imagekind” website. On Imagekind, greeting cards, matting and framing, as well as canvas prints will be available. Everything is created and shipped by Imagekind, so the pieces will not be signed or numbered. For the hand-colored reproductions, I will be keeping track of the images sold, so while the number will not be on the piece, it will still be part of a limited edition.

The digital images will be available as open editions. This and the fact that I do not have to pay for scans, make it possible for me to offer these images at very reasonable prices. For now, these prints will only be available on ImageKind.

Signed and numbered reproductions will still be available direct from me; however, the price of these signed prints will be a bit higher than on ImageKind. I will continue to create original hand-colored photographs and if I get really excited about one of the new images, I have the option of printing it as a black and white and then hand-coloring to create a new “original”.

2010 Dianne Poinski

I want to thank everyone who participated in the survey. It has always been my intention to make my images affordable and accessible. I feel the options available on Imagekind make this possible, freeing me up to continue to practice the craft of hand-coloring while experimenting with other ways to express my vision.

Check out my new “store” on Imagekind and let me know what you think. While there, be sure to click on "customize" to see the different types of papers available (prices are based on your selection) as well as mats, frames and the greeting cards. Here is the link: "Dianne Poinski Photography"

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  1. Dianne,

    I am impressed by your survey and the careful thought that went behind making your decision to sell your work on Imagekind--not to mention the fact I am in love with your pears and strawberries...So happy that you've made them available at an easily affordable price.