Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dabbling in Delight

When I first started out in photography, I spent a few years taking children's portraits in black and white and then hand-coloring them. As it turned out, this was not really what I wanted to do, so I started recommending other photographers for these jobs instead.

Since then, whenever the subject of taking portraits comes up, I usually joke that "I don't take pictures of anything with eyes". I meant it too! Until I purchased my first digital "point & shoot" camera last year, I stopped even taking pictures of my own kids! (Thank you to my friends who passed on duplicates of photos they had shot at all the school and theater events my children participated in!)

My Facebook friends know that I recently attended the wedding of the daughter of one of my best friends. I have known Kelsey since she was 11 or 12, so this day was a special occasion for all of us.

While I was not the "designated" photographer, I did tell my friend that I would bring my camera and see what I could do as well. It was fun and I am sharing a few of the same shots here as I did on Facebook. These were all made from where I was sitting so I would not interfere with what the other photographers were doing. (An important thing to remember if you are ever attending a wedding as a guest and not "the" photographer.)

I was delighted to discover again that it doesn't matter what I am taking pictures of - I just love photography! Even when my subjects have eyes! I think I knew that on some level, but it's easily forgotten when you have turned your passion into a business. I couldn't wait to get these images uploaded so I could work on them!

Wedding photography can be very difficult and I can only imagine the stress those photographers must face each and every time they are hired for a job. I have heard people complain about the cost of wedding photographers, but in addition to the mental and emotional toll it can take, they have also invested thousands of dollars in equipment - much of which becomes obsolete in just a few years. They deserve the big bucks!

So congratulations Kelsey & Francisco! Wishing you a lifetime of health, laughter and love! Thanks for inviting me to be part of your special day..........


  1. Dianne,

    I like the black and white portrait you open the post with. When I first saw it, I wondered if it was taken in the early 1960's (men with short hair, standing erect in suits).
    I was tickled to find that it was the wedding of your friend's daughter. There is a timeless quality that photography can give to an occasion.
    Wonderful that you were there!

  2. These are the photos they will keep forever. Beautiful.

  3. These are beautiful Dianne.

    I often like the photos taken quietly with someone's point and shoot as much as the professional ones with all the expensive equipment - maybe there's less pressure on both ends.

    Glad it was a great day!