Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Been Two Years............

Next weekend I will be showing at my first art festival in two years. It's been a crazy week and I have been reminded why I decided to take a break in the first place. In between counting inventory and looking for my boxes, I have been home making prints and cutting mats when I would rather be in my beautifully lit studio, hand-coloring one my new images. To give you a point of reference - here are a couple of photos of what my office looks like right now.

Getting ready for this show seems more difficult because it’s been so long since I had to pull this together. When I was going to art festivals every other weekend and I had a van I used only for shows, it was a lot easier. Everything but the art was stored in one place, ready to go. I had a rhythm and a system. (To read the story about what happened to my van, click here: "Big Blue")

Now I need to bravely go into my garage to pull out display equipment, go down into the basement and look for all the supplies I stored two years ago and then climb a very tall ladder in my studio to take down the track lights I will need to light my booth.

I don’t mean to be complaining. One of the things I am excited about, is seeing many of my friends from the art festival circuit that I have not seen in two years. Making the decision to take a break was more difficult because of the relationships I formed in the eleven years I spent doing the shows.

But I also feel scattered and unfocused. Between this show, the event I had in my studio last month, and my recent road trip, I feel like I have veered off course. My routine has vanished and once again I feel like I am simply doing my “have to do now” activities with no vision or purpose.

I think I have shared this before, but I have a tendency to live in the world of “everything will be ok when………..” I feel like I am there right now. “I will get back on track after the show, the trip, the out of town visitors…………” you get the idea.

So enough of that…..time to buck up and get back to work so I will be ready to pack up my “mini” van and set up on Thursday.

I have a choice here. I can be overwhelmed, frustrated and not very nice to my husband, or be excited about seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing my art with anyone nice enough to step inside my booth. If you are in town, stop by the Sacramento Art Festival, October 1 – 3; booth #334 and say hello!


  1. I'd rather you were in the studio too!!!!!

  2. Diane--I can empathize about wishing you were rather in the studio. Now why does it seem that all those other things have to get in the way? (Or, at least that's what I find myself wondering!) Best of luck this weekend!

  3. Thanks! I do want to be in my studio, but I am trying to just accept the fact that this week is all about getting ready. It's ok. I will get back to hand-coloring soon. I knew others would be able to relate. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


  5. Thanks John,
    Yes - it looks like the link to the Sacramento Arts Festival is not working. This may be because the festival is over and they are working on the website.

  6. Hi Dianne,

    I was sad to read about the van. It seems unfair that they can reach a point where they can't be fixed.

    I hope that the art fair went well and I can relate to wanting to get back to the studio - yours is beautiful!

  7. Thanks Katherine!
    The show was fun and I am glad I did it. I will be writing more about it this week. And yes - it was hard to hear my van was not worth fixing. I really missed "Van Morrison" this weekend. It was tough packing up my mini-van, but I managed to get all my stuff in there. Good thing no one had to drive with me because that seat was taken too!