Friday, August 27, 2010

A Video Presentation........

When searching for inspiration and guidance, I have always had an appetite for any material that will help me not only with the craft of photography, but also improve the way I get my work out into the world. Marketing art can be tricky, so I am always eager to learn effective and authentic ways to do that.

Right before I left on my trip last month I was gathering music and audio books to put on my iPod, when an email came in my inbox from This email contained information on a PDF and audio program called "Affordable Marketing That Really Works for You" which I promptly purchased and downloaded. I found the workbook format of the pdf to be very useful and the audio a great way to reinforce the written material.

Besides getting all of this great information, I found out that because I had been one of the first 10 to purchase this program (remember I said "promptly purchased"), I received a bonus of a custom video of my work created by Robin Sagara!

Robin sent me the finish product a couple of days ago and I am very excited to share it. If the video doesn't work here, I have posted it on youtube as well (although the quality seems a little better on the blog). Click here for that version: youtube video .

Enjoy and be sure to turn on your speakers!


  1. The presentation was fabulous and I loved the music chosen to go with the beautiful photographs and the finished version with color added. Great job!

  2. Brilliant website, I had not noticed before in my searches!
    Carry on the wonderful work!

  3. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all your comments. I hope to have a video soon that shows more about the process of hand-coloring. Stay tuned.............

  4. As always.....your black & white photos show through to the fine art work you then create. Your work ALWAYS makes me want to sit on a park bench and let everything else pass me by. Calm and wonderful!! Thank you for your inspiration! AND thank you for sharing.