Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventures on the Road

In my last post, right before I left on my trip to the Pacific Northwest, I talked about equipment and what I was bringing in my camera bag. I decided in the end (thanks to your comments) to include my second camera and lens. The extra equipment never came out, but it felt good having it there.......just in case.

I have not really had a chance to go through the images I took with my Nikon D300 and that's not what this post is about anyway.

During my time away I had little access to the internet, which I think was a good thing. I had time to reflect on how grateful I was to be able to have this vacation with my husband and try to be in the present moment as much as possible. I spent time catching up on some reading and stopped in to visit a friend in Florence, Oregon.

The workshop on "Marketing for Fine Art Photographers" with Lauren Henkin at the Luz Gallery in Victoria, was just what I needed and it was fun to meet a Facebook "friend" in person. I was excited that she also talked about book publishing during the class and am anxious to get back to work on that project. (Check out her book "Displaced" - I got to see it in person. It is beautiful!)

After I got back from Paris last year, I wrote a post about the pitfalls of being a photographer while traveling because sometimes you never come home with photos that "document" the trip. Shortly after Paris, I went out and bought my first digital "point and shoot" and have been carrying it with me ever since.

What follows, with one exception, are all images made with my little Samsung camera or my phone. I had a great time capturing random memories as they happened, including a couple of the mishaps we experienced. Yes - it was a trip with a few "bumps" along the road, but they only added to the "adventure".

Don't worry - this is not a detailed account of the trip. Just a few of the "Kodak Moments".

Second day on the road: Eureka - not sure why the SUV didn't see us, but it was nothing a little duct tape couldn't fix (at least temporarily....did you know that duct tape comes in colors?)

Florence, Oregon - freezing but so happy to be on the beach!

We stumbled upon this restaurant/bookstore in a basement of a B & B in Newport Oregon. When we walked in we were greeted by the chef, complete with "Chef Boyardee" hat who flicked on the lights and turned on Italian accordion music and gestured us to sit anywhere in the empty restaurant. One of the best meals we had on the trip!

Of course one of the highlights of the vacation was visiting our daughter in Seattle. She just got a great new job and this is the view from the roof of her office building:

Lining up to get on the ferry in Anacortes Washington:

On our third day in Victoria, we found out that the annual "Victoria Splash" was taking place. People start arriving early in the day to get a seat for the free concert that the Victoria Symphony puts on in the harbor.

The symphony is on a barge and the best seats happen to be in boats!

The concert went until dark, ending with a firework display while they played the "1812 Overture." Magical! Before the sun went down, I got this shot of the Parliament Building with my point & shoot:

Whale watching - this was shot with my D300:

The other little glitch to the trip was getting the phone call from the front desk of the hotel on our last night in Victoria that I our car had been broken into while parked in the hotel's parking garage. Luckily all they got was my husband's iPod. It could have been so much worse! Even with all the signs saying the "hotel is not responsible......" they still comped our last night, vacuumed up all the glass and sealed up where the window should have been (more blue duct tape!)

View of the sun coming up from the deck on our very very early ferry ride from Victoria to Port Angeles:

So it's back to work, back to reality and time to get ready for a busy fall. Next week I will share some of my - I think I will call them "tripod shots" - from the trip......................


  1. Your wonderful pictures and experience inspire me to spend the whole day tomorrow just photographing people, places, and things. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks! That sounds like a great way to spend the day!

  3. Wow, love the photos - looks like a wonderful adventure! Sorry to hear about the break in at the end - how sweet that the hotel swept up the glass and taped the window - and glad that it wasn't worse.

  4. Thanks Katherine! Yes, it could have been a lot worse. Very grateful it wasn't.

  5. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. I love the photos, point and shoot is so liberating isn't it?

  6. Thanks Beth and welcome home from your travels!